Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seriously, I need to know

So, here's the thing. When I said in this post, that I didn't really care whether or not Blue actually called me, after the random pick-up at the mall, I was being honest.

I really don't care either way. No, honestly, I don't. I'm way too busy right now anyway, and well, the thought of having to go on an actual date just yet scares the hell out of me, so, I'm good with some random pick-ups and no follow through for right now. Less stress for me, if you ask me.

Oh, right, and just in case you hadn't caught on yet, Blue never called. Even with the "three day rule" men seem to love to live by, he's let that window open and close. Truth be told, I sort of forgot all about him until my friend texted me this morning with a "any calls yet?"

Hmm...nope, not a one.

But again, I'm okay with this. As
Pamela so eloquently put it in her comment to my last post, "biting fingernails worrying about Karina flirting with the next Ted Bundy... shiver shiver shiver." He could have turned out to be a real weirdo, so no huge loss for me here. Also, as Frigga said, "I love getting the random ask-out". Seriously? Good for the ego.

That being said, however, I need to know. I need to know why it is that men will do something like put themselves out there, risk the embarrassment of potential rejection, to ask for your telephone number, and then not call. Seriously??

I mean, this is not anything new, and this is probably exactly why right after giving him my number I said "I don't even care if he never calls". Because I sort of already knew odds were he would not. Because, men? They do this. And we women? We expect this. It's just part of the age old dating phenomenon, isn't it?

But still, I just don't get it. Is it really just the thrill of the conquest? And if so, wouldn't it be an even bigger thrill to follow through? No? Perhaps not.

Hey, whatever the case, I'll take the boost to my ego knowing that I am again among the troves of women out there giving out their phone numbers and never getting that phone call.

I'm already doing better than I was doing this time last year.

But really, seriously...why bother guys?


Pamela said...

If the guy fails the 3 day rule, then he either got hit by a truck or he wasn't worth the ink it took to write down your number.

That probably sounds callous coming from someone who isn't alone and is on the outside looking in. I rather think it is from years of watching men be turds.
(not all of them are, praise God.)

Rebecca said...

Oh Karina, you give silly boys way too much credit here. You saw how much courage your random dude had to build up in order to say anything to you at all.

You surprised the hell out of him by saying yes, even though you're way more beautiful then he ever thought he could get. And now he went home and over-analyzed the situation. He then convinced himself that you only said yes to be nice, because how could any woman that beautiful really be interested.

Men physche themselves out all the time. ;)

Jill said...

most of them dont give a damn about rejection. think cave man times. they try every cave til they get a hot one and then try the next cave. if one seemed interested, it doesnt matter, they'll try again next time, basically its too much work for a lot of guys. they want the easy score, not a date. sorry.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I never did get that either, but remember, the right guy, the one who is worth your time and energy WILL call, and promptly at that, and then all these losers along the way will be very distant memories. TRUST ME.

Happy holidays bella :)

Anonymous said...

I think men do it because they really can't hold that much information in their brains.

He probably worked himself up to even ask your number - then put the number in his pocket. Got home, took off his pants (and they didn't go into the hamper - probably got stuffed under the bed or behind the door). And now when he meant to call you he didn't remember where he put your number....and can't remember that he put them in his pants.....and that his dirty pants are now stuffed somewhere.

That is what men do, I think.

Amy said...

I side with Karmyn - the phone number is now a blurry ink spot on a well washed piece of paper... and it took so long to get those pants through the wash that he can't remember what he wrote down, but he "feels" it might have been important... Sometime near the end of January it will hit him. :)

Have a Merry Christmas!