Sunday, January 24, 2010

popinjay - Photochallenge - DORKY

Michelle really has been challenging us with her weekly words for the Popinjay photography challenges, and this week, was the most challenging of all. Dorky? Really? Good grief!

I'll admit, however, that I am a big fat dork, so I knew right away what I would use for my picture this week.

And then today, at a youth meeting, one of the teens showed up with this:

I actually have some pretty excellent photos of him in the hat, but didn't want to plaster him up here on the blog, so you just get the hat. It's not a great photo, but I couldn't pass up the chance, because really, when you think Dorky, that hat just fits, does it not?

But, back to my original idea...when you see me out in the world, odds are I'm sporting stilettos, or I've got an outfit put together with care, I've done my best to present the fashionable me. Even in my comfortable clothes, I'm styling, because that's just who I am. I love fashion and it shows.

But what you may not see is that underneath that fashionable outfit, is a big dork. Someone who loves silly, goofy things. And underneath those stiletto boots? Usually?
Cartoon socks. I have a WIDE variety of cartoon socks and take great pleasure of slipping them on under a professional outfit, just for my knowledge that they are there. I'm such a dork.

Again, I know, not the greatest picture in terms of "photography", but I didn't want to miss the challenge again this week, since I missed last week's.

Speaking of last week's, the word was ALIVE, and even though I missed it, I thought I would throw in a quick photo here to meet that challenge:

The word next week is: "GUILTY"...

Really Michelle? Good grief! I'd better start thinking about it now...

Make sure to go visit MICHELLE to see her photo as well as everyone else who is participating!


WhiteBullie said...

Love the hat picture perfect for the word dork! As far as the socks..... Dork! JK

~michelle pendergrass said...

Oh you made me smile a smile I haven't smiled in years. The socks--I knew I like you for good reason! I had a friend that collected goofy socks and we sent each other socks all the time.

I need you to email me your mailing address. I haven't had a sock buddy in SO long!

(and you're right on with the photos. It's just a photo challenge, a challenge to get a photo of the concept of the idea. We're not talking professional photographers here! You're pictures are PERFECT!)

Kay Day said...

Very dorky!
I love fun socks, too, but not the toesey kind.

fun photos. That hat really is pretty dorky. He must be a fun kid.

Valintine Pawson said...

I miss my "toe" socks. Mine were rainbows, so you aren't alone!

lissa said...

cute socks, I like the colorful ones, I don't think it's dorky, it's a style

Anonymous said...

This was my idea too!! Now I have to think of something else...I'm a pretty huge dork though, so it shouldn't be that hard. LOL. I love toe socks. At 31 yrs old I still have a few pair and if I'm wearing socks at all (which I rarely do) they're toe socks :)

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

Love them! Spot on!
Your original idea was great, but I agree,... you can't pass up an opportunity like that hat. =P

The fire shot? Also a great one!