Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Popinjay - Gaudy

This week's Popinjay is being hosted once again by Heather. The theme this week is "Gaudy" and I'll be honest, I almost didn't participate because I just couldn't think of ANYTHING to photograph.

But I really wanted to participate.

I thought about all the things I find Gaudy, and there are plenty of them, but I pride myself on not being gaudy, so where was I to find these things?

Things such as bright lipstick and eyeshadow a la Mimi on the Drew Carey show. Or flower patterned couches. Or fur. Fur is showy, flashy, and yes, GAUDY. Like, those chinchilla "stoles" that the rich ladies wear around their necks, or draped on their shoulders. You know, like this:

And then tonight...Drama, one of my new kittens, gave me my photograph (and also, my own personal, real live "fur stole":

Okay, so yeah, I totally cheated, and it is totally not gaudy, but well...there you have it. ;-)


heather said...

That's adorable! And I love this for gaudy.

I think gaudy forced into a whole new level of, um, creativity.

Nicole said...

OMG that is DARLING! So cute! I need to come visit you instead so I can play with your kittens!