Friday, November 05, 2010

NaBloPoMo 2010

Okay, fine, I’m in.

I gave in to the peer pressure.

No, I’m not joining NaNoWriMo…all my reasons laid out in this post are still very much present, and I just can’t do it.

But…it turns out, I appear to have gotten a little bit of my Blogging MoJo back…so, since I’ve written a blog post every day this month so far already…I’m joining NaBloPoMo, which for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s National Blog Posting Month. I am going to post a new blog entry every day during the month of November.

Considering that for the last 6 months or so (okay fine, the last 2 years or so) I’ve been averaging about 4 posts PER MONTH…this should be a challenge.

But hey, I’m always up for a challenge, and I really would like to get this blog “breathing” again and out of the coma it’s been living in.

So, I’m off…NaBloPoMoing it up.

There won’t be a “theme” to the posts. There won’t be any set format or expectations. Some blog posts will be long and wordy. Others will be short and possibly full of pictures. Some will be sarcastic or funny. Others will be deep and emotional. Some will have pop culture themes, others may very well be about my faith journey…we shall see…

But I will post every day this month…so stay tuned. Oh, and if you're also doing NaBloPoMo, check out my page here, let's be friends.


A Slice of My Life said...

Good for you!

I'm in the same place right now, average of maybe 4 posts a month to going full-hog ahead! We can do it!

I'm also really liking your no count down attitude.

Karina said...

Thanks! Good luck to you as well...I'm coming to visit!