Friday, November 12, 2010

How The Other Half Lives - Hollywood Standards

Things have been a little bit serious here at Candid Karina' I think it's time for some lighter fare.

I think I’m going to start a weekly series here. Seeing as I’ve decided to revive the ol’ blog and post more regularly, and seeing as I’m a bit of a celebrity gossip enthusiast, I think it’s only proper that I should devote one day a week to vent about (ahem, I mean discuss) celebrity news.

So, without further ado, this week’s topic:

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhall v. Taylor Swift & John Mayer

If you read my blog or follow me on Twitter (@candidk), then you know that I’m a fan of John Mayer. Here's a little bit more on that. And here. I know he’s the guy everyone loves to hate, much like, for some reason unknown to me, everyone loves to hate Jenifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson (but that may be a story for another day).

But I like John Mayer. To sum it up, I am madly deeply in love with his musical talent, I think he’s nothing short of sheer genius, and that’s enough for me, personality isn’t really that important. That being said, I actually find him to be funny (albeit sarcastic), super intelligent, and surprisingly humble. He also has a knack for sticking his foot in his mouth, which is something he himself is aware of, he even has a song titled “My Stupid Mouth” on one of his earlier cds.

But this isn’t a post about John Mayer.

This is a post about the double standards Hollywood likes to place on people they dislike.

Because a while back, the whole world was A-Twitter about how gross it was that there was a rumored romance between 33 year old John Mayer and 19 year old Taylor Swift.

I’m not going to really comment on my feelings on these age-gap romances. I think to each his/her own, and I’m not the one in the relationship, so I have no idea whether there is poor judgment on either of their parts there or not. It’s not mine to say.

I also don’t know if there was an actual romance, or just a crush/flirtation, but again, not mine to say.

Taylor Swift, however, appears to have something to say, as one of her songs on her new CD is entitled Dear John, and appears to take a pretty undisguised sucker punch right at Mr. Mayer.

From reading the lyrics, I’m still not quite sure if this was a romance, or a misunderstanding, but it seems to be pretty clear that Ms. Swift got her feelings hurt, and John probably screwed up somewhere along the line.

Here's a quick peak at the lyrics if you're interested:

However, once again, that’s not what this post is about.

Before this so called romance went sour (or whatever happened), the world, and Hollywood specifically were already crucifying Mr. Mayer for supposedly being involved with Taylor at her young age. Even Taylor, in her song says "don't you think I was too young"...

Okay. Fine.

Enter Jake Gyllenghall. 29 years old. Supposedly, Ms. Swifts new love interest.

Now, before anyone gets their panties all in a bunch, I like Jake Gyllenhall. I think he’s adorable, and talented, and have nothing negative to say about the guy.

And obviously, neither does Hollywood. Hollywood loves Jake. And Hollywood seems to love the idea of Jake and Taylor.

Nobody seems to find this union gross or inappropriate for the age difference.


Let’s recap, shall we?

John Mayer = 33

Taylor Swift = 19

Jake Gyllenhall = 29

Am I missing something or is the age gap quite similar here? Now, again, I understand that most of the hoopla is over the fact that nobody likes John Mayer, but then, let's call a spade a spade, and not use the age thing as the reason you don't approve of the relationship, and then champion this new one with quite the similar age gap.

I'm just sayin'...


Jeni said...

If the age gap is a problem, then it should be the same problem for both relationships. Also, I wish someone would have a heart-to-heart with Taylor and tell her that it's best not to get tangled up with these celebrity guys. A nice, church-going, regular guy would be a much better match!

Jill said...

Taylor Swift seems to have a good head on her shoulders, so I'm not worried about her a bit. Not to mention, it's not really any of my business who she.. well does whatever with. BUT, she IS 20 now, and I think the 20/29 being in the same decade and not 2 decades apart 1-3 in other words, seems to change people's minds. instead of 14 years it's 9. Technically JM could have been her dad, JG, not so much.

Karina said...

Jeni, I agree.

Jill, you make some good points there...and I agree with you that it's not really my business who she "dates" or whatnot...but, I've always kind of been fascinated with the way society looks at may/december relationships anyway...there are so many double standards involved...