Sunday, June 05, 2011

2 in 1

When I decided to do this whole "write a post every single day in June" thing...I knew I was setting myself up for one heck of a challenge.  Mostly because, my schedule for June? Is INSANE!

My little brother is getting married July 2nd. I am a bridesmaid in the wedding. And that's just one of the big events I have lined up. I have concerts, races, a Warrior Dash, and let's not forget about work.

But still, I figured it would be a good challenge, so I'd just roll with it.  So yesterday, I began my post...but then I needed to run out and do a quick errand, so I hit "save" and went off.  Then the quick errand turned into "a few more errands" turned into "a full on grocery store run" turned into "a quick stop over at the Church's feast" turned into "staying at the feast all night helping out behind the bar" turned into "let's head to the local bar to watch the rest of the Bruins game" turned into closing out at the bar and arriving at home at 2AM...

But this? This is what life is all about You make plans and God laughs.  But if you just go with it and appreciate every moment given to you...I'm pretty sure He smiles then.

So this is my Saturday post.  Right above this...yep, that's it.

On to today, Sunday...I got up and went for a quick run with a friend, then came home for a quick shower and some housework.  The plan was then to stop by the feast for lunch, help out for maybe an hour and be home by 5pm at the very latest...It is now 10:35 pm and I just got home.  I spent the entire day helping out.  I also, however, spent the entire day surrounded by friends, and having a great you see...that's life...

And my life? Is such a regrets.  And no excuses...and no failures...consider this TWO posts in far as I'm concerned, I'm still on track for June. ;-)  So there.