Monday, June 06, 2011

Spa Day

Monday morning, the alarm sounds, and another week begins.

If your weekends are anything like mine, by Sunday night you are even MORE exhausted than you were before the weekend began.  My weekends are never dull, always fun and enjoyable, and pretty much, with very few exceptions, ALWAYS EXHAUSTING.

So, on a Monday morning, work seems an unfathomable task, and yet, almost (note I said almost) a welcome escape to spend a few hours sitting in one place...taking a break from the hectic runaround of my weekends.

But wouldn't it be nice, if on a Monday morning, when the alarm went off, I could wake up to realize that today, instead of heading into the office, I was going to hop in my car, meet up with a friend, and head to a spa in the mountains for a massage??

In fact...that just sounds sort of heavenly, doesn't it?

Actually, now that I think of it, after a weekend of a few TOUGH workouts, a weekend spent helping friends run a festival at church, running errands, cleaning house, a sore body, aching back, tired sounds like I have simply no choice but to take a mental health day and do just that.

What a beautiful coincidence then, that my friend Traveler and I had actually planned SUCH A DAY for today...

Ah is Spa Day!!!  Happy Monday everyone!