Thursday, March 15, 2007

1 in 30 - Happy Nor'Easter

Yesterday it was 70 degrees out. Today is 50. Tonight we are getting 6 inches of snow. Welcome to New England folks, where if you don’t like the weather today…you know the drill.

Winter wasn’t even that horrible around here this year. We had a few snowstorms, but nothing compared to what we are used to, and even the bitter cold came in spurts, only lasting a week or two at most, with warmer breaks in between.

Even so, we’ve had enough. We’re all ready for spring, and give us a few days of 60-degree temps and we come down with a severe case of spring fever. Driving with the windows open, airing out the house, wearing shorts and sandals, not uncommon as soon as the thermometer reads 50. WE are New Englanders, we don’t need no stinkin’ 70’s…55 is practically beach weather!

So for the past few days everyone has been walking around coatless, with big grins on their face. “Nice day today huh?” “What a wonderful day for a picnic”…seriously, we’re on cloud 9.

And then the weatherman says, with a big excited smile on his face, “Folks, we’re expecting accumulations of up to 6 inches on Thursday night”. He starts talking about currents and cold fronts and teases “It’s going to be a messy commute to work Friday morning”. SHMUCK! Such pleasure you get out of tearing my heart out and stomping on it. Don’t you know you're breaking my heart? I thought we were friends, and then you go and do this. How could you?

So, we unearth the shovels and snowbrushes we optimistically put away (ha, we should SO know better), and buckle down and prepare to dig ourselves out ONCE AGAIN. We prepare to assume the position behind the wheel of our cars (you know the position, straight back, both hands on the steering wheel, eyes darting here to there expecting some moron to slam on the breaks and go skidding across town, radio turned down lower, wipers at full speed), for our commute to work. And we grumble and bitch. And then we suck it up. This is New England, we hate it here, but we wouldn’t live anywhere else. Well…okay, maybe Mexico, or the Caribbean…but only if we could live in a resort, as tourists, enjoying drinks with little umbrellas, all year round.

But really, we’re a tough bunch, us New Englanders, we can take it! Bring it on Mother Nature, show us what you’ve got! Just, please, could it be the last time?

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Anonymous said...

Out here in Southern California when it hits 50 we turn on the heat, put a winter coat on, and hope it gets warm quickly....I don't miss New England weather at all....Just so you know.