Friday, March 30, 2007

16 in 30 - Pet Peeves

It’s Friday, and I’m at work minding my own business, trying to get some work done. But Friday is what I’ve dubbed “whisper day” here in the office, so in order to get my work done, I’ve got to close my door, and turn up my music, to avoid overhearing the gossipy whispers going on in the office next to mine. Long story short, I have one co-worker that only works on Fridays, for a few hours. Don’t ask me what she’s supposed to do in that short span of time, I don’t know, but I won’t even delve into the office politics that allow her to get paid to come in and chat for 4 hours a week…

The point is, that on Friday…EVERY Friday, this person comes into “work” and promptly sits her behind in a chair in my other co-worker’s office and the gab session begins. The fact that they chat all day Friday would be enough to rile me up, but NOT ONLY do they while the hours away with mindless chatter, but they CONSTANTLY whisper, low enough so that I can’t make out what they’re saying (as if I cared), but just loud enough that I can hear the bzzz bzzz bzzz.

There are VERY few things in this world that annoy me more than their whispering. VERY FEW.

So, this got me thinking about Pet Peeves…things that just bug me, regardless of the circumstances. Here are some of the biggies, not necessarily in order:

1. Of course, the whispering, gossiping, secretive crap. Not just with afore-mentioned co-workers, but in general. If I’m not supposed to know what it is that you are talking about, DON’T talk about it in front of me. Whispering only makes me aware of the fact that you don’t want me to know what it is that you are saying, and really, how freakin’ rude is that?
2. Cashiers who don’t even look at you when you go up to the counter to pay. Look, I realize working retail pretty much sucks all the time. I know, I did it for YEARS. I understand that generally customers can be real jerks, and you’re getting paid minimum wage to deal with cranky people all day long. I get it; it’s not fun. But you know what? It’s not supposed to be fun, that’s why they call it work. Once upon a time, the customer was “always right”, and while I thought that mentality was a bit over the top even in my days in retail, they had the right idea. Because as long as a customer isn’t being disrespectful to you, you have an obligation to provide some customer service. Say hello. Ask if I found everything all right. Comment on the weather. Or at least PRETEND to smile. But for God’s sake, make eye contact; acknowledge my existence. I’m giving you my hard earned money; the LEAST you can do is look at me.
3. Lack of phone manners. For example, people who call and talk over you while you are trying to answer the phone. Here’s what I mean, I work in a law firm, and answer the phone as such: “Good Morning, (insert name of firm), this is Sonia”, this tells you, the caller, who you are speaking with, and therefore can eliminate the need to ask if I’m there, as I’m actually ON THE PHONE already. If you begin talking AT ME while I’m still trying to deliver my hello, well, then you won’t hear my name, now will you? Not to mention the fact that I’m still talking, so therefore, whatever you say at that time, I’m not hearing. And look, it’s rude! You have the two extra milliseconds it takes to let me finish before you mumble my boss’ name. Oh, and that’s another thing, how about we try a “Is so-and-so available?” as opposed to “John Doe”. And when I ask who’s calling, don’t just give me a first name. Do you have any idea how many David’s are in our client list? Am I a mind reader? And when I ask what you are calling in regards to “He’ll know” is just not a good enough answer. He’s not an FBI agent; he’s a lawyer. I’m his paralegal, which should explain to you that I OBVIOUSLY know about his caseload. This is not a national security secret. Just tell me, because you’re just wasting my time, and yours, by trying to be all spy like. Then I have to go and tell the boss “this guy won’t tell me what he’s calling about” and inevitably I’ll get the “Well, I don’t know who the hell he is, take a message”. See what I’m saying?
4. People who drive miles and mile with their turn signals/blinkers on. Are you turning up ahead, how far ahead? A mile, ten? The next TOWN over?
5. And on this note, people who never learned how to use a blinker. You use it BEFORE you take a turn. You do NOT turn it on DURING the turn; you turn it on PRIOR to approaching your turn. Seriously is that so hard?
6. People who assume I must be unhappy and lonely and bored because I’m in my 30’s and single. Oh, but this is a story for another entry all of it’s own, is it not?
7. Parents who let their children holler and screech in their strollers while they shop nearby, completely unaware of the high pitches that could shatter glass. Your child can only scream “mommy” so many times before I practically adopt them, just to shut them up.
8. Socks with sandals. ‘Nuff said! No, I lied, I must elaborate. Look, it’s simple. If the fashion gods wanted your toes to be covered, they would have closed the front of your sandals…in fact, we have those. We call them SHOES. Easy peasy…open toed shoes, NO SOCKS (and this goes for nylons, tights or stockings as well), closed toe shoes or boots, wear whatever socks you please. (In turn, that whole loafers with no socks thing? GROSS).
This is by no means an extensive list. There are plenty of other things that bug me, but it’s Friday, which means tomorrow is Saturday, and that always makes me just a little bit happier than normal, so I’ll stop here.

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