Monday, December 31, 2007

Fun Monday - Two guys walk into a bar

This week's Fun Monday, the last of 2007 is being hosted by Peter. The assignment was as follows:

I want you to tell us your favorite joke and/or show usyour favorite cartoon, don’t worry if there is someduplication that just means more than one personfound it funny.So come on and regale us with your best joke and/orcartoon, remember its New Years Eve and we feellike a good laugh, before 2008 comes along and does its thing on us.
PS, I've left myself too much time to think about this..... we all havemore than one favorite, Right!! hit us with your best selection!!!!!

Easy enough, right? However, I just cleaned out my e-mail inboxes about a week ago, and deleted all the joke emails I'd been keeping. Great timing on my part, huh? That and the fact that with the holiday, and visiting relatives, and all kinds of projects I wanted to work on (but have yet to get to) before the New Year...I've got nothing.

So, I'll leave you with this...a joke from my real life...Lawboy has begun texting me again, saying he's planning on making some changes in 2008 and wants to see me. Funny right? See, I've got jokes! (I'll do a more indepth LawBoy catch up post in the new year).

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and be sure to visit Lisa next week for the first Fun Monday of 2008.


Jannis said...

I wanted to like this guy, but knowing the little history of his actions that I do...... He really pisses me off!

ChrisB said...

Happy New Year.

Peter said...

Not tuned in to lawboy,hope you get some laughs at or with him.

Karina said...

Jannis, I know, I know...I wanted to like him too, but I'm right there with you on "pisses me off" haha...

Chrisb, Happy New Year.

Peter, At him...that's probably the route we're going! ;-)