Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #34

It's time for another Video Thursday Thirteen here at Candid K's. I love doing video TT's because not only do I give you all some great entertainment, but I get to watch all sorts of fun videos while I choose what I will share with you. For some of my prior Video TT's, go here and here.
Today's particular collection of videos comes with a twist. Watching some music videos lately I've been noticing certain things, little oddities, tidbits, observations. Ad then there are the handful of Viral Videos I just had to share. Walk with me through the following if you will:
1. Jill Scott - My Love. I love Jill Scott, and have since she first hit the scene. I think she has an amazing voice, and she's one of those singers that SINGS. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors...she just SINGS. But this particular video? Cracks me her facial expressions during the first verse:
See what I mean?
2. Ciara "Can't Leave Em Alone" featuring 50 Cent. Okay, here's my question...I don't care how hot it is outside...Who walks around dressed like this? (by the way, this is the only version of the video I could find to embed, I have no idea what the words on the screen say, I haven't read them).

I'm just sayin'...really? Also, how awkward is that whole part of the video when the two of them are "canoodling"? They just don't look all that into each other, do they? For two sexy performers with their shirts off (because I do think 50 Cent is a cutie with a damn sexy body), they couldn't look any less steamy, could they?

3. Eros Ramazotti and Ricky Martin "No Estamos Solos": On the flip side, here are two artist who have quite a bit of chemistry between them. I'm not entirely sure it that was the intent of this video (and the shaking and gyrating female booties in this video lead me to think it was not), but there is something in this video that makes you go..."hmm, how cute are they looking deeply into each other's eyes"...they even have matching outfits on, down to the rips in their jeans. I mean, hey, I'm not objecting to anything here, I'm just pointing something out.

That said...I still think Ricky Martin is adorable. I'm just sayin'

4. Spice Girls - Headlines: Okay, on the same vein as Ciara walking around in her bikini top:

So, ladies, be honest, you all walk around your house in a pencil skirt and a bra, don't you? With your best friends. Right? Okay, so it's not just me and Ginger Spice...good to know.

5. Vince Mira - "Ring of Fire": This kid is not famous...YET, but man...will he be. Check this out:

6. This is not a music is just probably one of the funniest freakin' things I have seen in ages...just watch:

Told ya.

7. Another viral video...I've been in and to a lot of weddings, I've seen a lot of "first dances"...this one takes the cake (just stay with it through the first 30 seconds or so, it is SO worth it:

8. Timbaland featuring One Republic "Apologize". I actually don't have much of anything to say about the actual video here, my issue is actually with the "Timbaland Featuring One Republic" title here...uh...why exactly is Timbaland getting top billing on this? I don't get it.

9. Graham Norton with Jon Bon Jovi: I've just recently discovered the Graham Norton Show, and it has to be one of the FUNNIEST shows EVER...If you have BBC America, it's on Saturday nights, and you must watch it. This is from a few years ago:

10. One more Graham Norton clip, because, seriously, FUNNY...and hey, it's Orlando Bloom, how can you go wrong?

11. I don't really know what to say about this one except...AWWW:

12.Dance Dance Revolution - Whiz Kid. I don't know if you've ever played this game, but HOLY CRAP, this little kid is good. I'll have you all know that I just bought myself this game (in lieu of a gym membership) and the day I can do what this kid does in this video, I'll be on my way to being a skinny minny, that's for sure!

13. Santana Featuring Chad Kroeger "Into the Night". I actually just really love this song and wanted another excuse to hear it, but, also...HEY, it's Gio from Ugly Betty:

And there you have it, 13 videos for your viewing pleasure.
By the way, if you have some time, I'd love you to read the post below this one and give me your 2 cents.
OH, for me. (Or your favorite story, doesn't have to be me, just go read these, they're great).


Samantha_K said...

I'm with you on #8. Why does Timbaland get top billing? What did he do besides produce the thing?
I also love,love, love Graham Norton. So funny. Happy TT!

Rebecca said...

Eak - sorry. I scrolled right past the whole post. Maybe one day I'll join the 21st century and get high speed...

Happy TT (And mega thank you's for the link love!) :P

qualcosa di bello said...

vince mira...just wow!!! totally unexpected voice coming outta him.

& that kid...if i even *tried* to dance like that, i would likely break a bone...or at least stir the dogs into a frenzy!