Monday, January 07, 2008

Fun Monday - Introducing Blueberry

This week's Fun Monday is being hosted by Lisa, who lives in chaos, but also happens to be one of my favorite bloggers out there.

The assignment: Let’s meet your pets. I think most of us have at least one pet and I would like to see your fluffy or scaly pal. If you don’t have a camera you can tell us about him/her/them. If you don’t have a pet tell us about a pet you had or a pet you want. If for some weird reason you hate all animals we want to know why gosh-dang-it.

So, I'll introduce you to my fish Blueberry...or actually, I'll let him introduce himself. This post was previously featured at the She Who Blogs Blog, but I couldn't have picked a more appropriate post for this Fun Moday, so I'm reposting it here.

I’ve got something to say, but first I should introduce myself. My name is Blueberry 2.0, and I’m a Beta aka Siamese Fighting Fish. But that’s a stupid name, because I’m a lover, not a fighter. Just so you know.

I don’t know how old I am, because we fish don’t keep track of these things, but I’ve been living in my new home, on my human’s office desk for about 6 or 7 months now. I like it here, it’s comfortable. During the day my human keeps me company, and at night I get peace and quiet. Okay, now that you’ve met me, let’s get to the issue at hand.

Here’s the thing. JUST BECAUSE I’m a fish does not mean that I don’t count as a pet. I mean, really, I’m getting sick and tired of the fluffy furry ones getting all the attention. DO I NOT have feelings too? All these dog blogs and cat blogs and even the gerbil gets his due, but me? No, I just get left behind, sitting here, watching them get all the accolades while I get nothing.

Well it stops now. Starting today, I want to have my say too.

That’s what I told HER…the human who sits in front of me all day. At first, she resisted, she said “Silly fish, you just swim around your bowl all day, what could you possible have to blog about?” But I told her from my vantage point, I see and hear EVERYTHING. They don’t even know I’m here half the time, so imagine all I can tell you about. It took a bit more prodding, but eventually she gave in. She said “You know what? You’re absolutely right, why should the furry creatures have all the say? You’re a darn smart fish and you should get to speak too”. I like her, that human, she’s a good egg.

Every morning when she gets to her office, one of the first things she does is turn on my light, so I can feel like I’m in the sun. Then she says hello through the glass. She talks to me too, during the day. She says her coworkers probably think she’s crazy, talking to a fish, but she doesn’t care, because she knows I appreciate it. And I do. I’m always so happy to see her I swim right up to the glass and blow her kisses. Sometimes she makes kissy faces back at me, but don’t tell her I told you, I don’t think she wants anybody to know.

So, she agreed to use her human fingers to tell you what I want you to know. She said she’d even post pictures so you could all see how handsome I am in my blue suit with red pinstripes.

Well, I’ve got a very busy day of swimming in circles ahead of me, so I won’t take much more of your time today. I just wanted to make it clear that fish are people too...uh...pets too. So there you have it, I’m making my entrance into the world of blogging. Next time I’ll tell you all about my view, and maybe I can get the human to show you some pictures. She said she would, as long as she didn’t have to be in them. She’s so camera shy that human.

To go meet all the other pets, go visit Lisa for the list of Fun Mondayers.


Sandy said...

Without a doubt, the best fish blog I have ever read!

Great job.

ChrisB said...

This is a really great post~ one of the best today~ very clever.

Anonymous said...

yay for Blueberry! I remember when you first wrote just cracked me up.

SwampAngel65 said...

Cute one! I've had a few betas in my past. Don't know what they'd have said about me...mean owner who occasionally would stick a mirror up to the glass so I could watch them "blow up"...bad owner, bad, bad, bad...

Rebecca said...

Very cute - and nice to meet you Blueberry!!! :-)

Karina said...

Sandy, thanks! ;-) I'm pretty proud of Blueberry's writing prowess! haha

Chrisb, thanks, I couldn't pass up the chance to repost it.

Susan, thanks, it still kind of cracks me up.

Swampangel, OMG, I never thought to do that! Now I'm going to go find a mirror. J/K! ;-) I have a friend who has two male Betas in a "twin" tank, so they fight through the glass constantly. So mean!

Frigga, Blueberry says nice to meet you too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gotta shout this out to the group!
Have a great Monday!
Much bloglove,

Joy T. said...

Blueberry rocks!! Any fish who up and defend himself like that is a good fish in my books!

ANA said...

Blueberry's adorable....Great post...

Unknown said...

I remember meeting Blackberry, good to know BB is still doing ok! Maybe I'll get a fish next time, something that won't leave puddles on my floor.

Jill said...

dont tell anyone, but i talk to my plant, too. he/she/it loves it!

Anonymous said...

Fish deserve their equal say. I agree with him.

Pamela said...



Anonymous said...

I think that was a great fish blog. I have two fish but one of mine was a fighter and not a lover. One of my fish only has one eye because of a fight lol. I love her anyway so..YAY for blueberry :)

karisma said...

Blueberry, what a clever fish you are!

Peter said...

Do you want fries with that?

Ooops, I meant to say that to myself! Seriously though, a great post about your pet.

Anonymous said...

Betas are pets too!! I agree with Blueberry about that.

We have a Beta too. He is blue, not red like yours. His/her name is Abel. And he/she is one of our pets too.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Blueberry is a cool fish.. She sounds so intelligent I could imagine having a good chat with her.
My post is actually mainly about a gerbil, but she's a very nice gerbil and especially likes Siamese Fighting Fish. In fact she just said to e the other day, "Jo, I especially like Siamese Fighting Fish.." ;)

-Ann said...

Blueberry 2.0, you are one of the best pets ever. You do so totally count!
The new Fun Monday topic is now available. :)

Tiggerlane said...

That was just too cute! And yes, fish are pets, just the same as the rest!

Oh, and tell Karina I finally posted part 3 of the five-linky post meme...I'm horrible that way!

Karina said...

Frances, thanks!

Joy, yeah, he's quite the fish that guy! And he says Hello Mushu!

Ana, thank you, blueberry is blushing.

Lisa, it's actually blueberry, but he thinks blackberry is a great pseudonym!

Lil' Mouse, I have a plant in my house that I talk to as well, and she likes it!

AFF, he thanks you for your support!

Pamela, I'm not sure what you said, but blueberry was very excited by it.

Dreaming, blueberry claims to be a lover not a fighter, but we'll never trully know, because he won't be sharing his fishbowl anytime soon.

Karisma, awww shucks (he says)

Peter, he just puffed up his face and snorted at you.

Sirdar, blueberry is actually mostly blue, with some red...a sort of nice mix actually, I guess.

Jo, Blueberry says hello to your gerbil. He's never met a gerbil, but now he thinks they are exceptional animals, they must be!

-ann, Aww shucks again. He's going to get a big head, my fish is.

Tiggerlane, just headed over to check it out, glad you posted it, it was funny.