Monday, January 28, 2008

What I've got cooking

Fun Monday is right below this post. I've got all sorts of things cooking for you this week, however, so I wanted to give you a head's up.

I got busy with family stuff yesterday and never did my "Sum It Up Sunday", stay tuned, I'll follow up on comments and stuff later on this week, or do a double version next Sunday (I promise).

Tomorrow come on back for another tale of "All The Boys I've Loved", where I'll introduce you to "Slick", the guy who broke my heart, but taught me a lot about who I am.

On Wednesday I'll have FOUR movie reviews for you. I've made it to the movies more often in the last month than I did all of last year, and want to tell you all about what I've seen.

Because this article made me giggly like a teenage girl with a crush, my Thursday Thirteen will be all about my teenage love affair with the New Kids on the Block.

And for Friday? Well, you'll just have to see, won't you?

Oh, right, and there will be the promised non-update over at Covert Karina sometime today. Password remains the same. (Don't have it? Ask me about it).


Rebecca said...

Alright, I'm waiting for the Covert update ;-)

Happy Monday :-)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

(giggle) Karina, you inspired me to come clean with my own teeny bopper crush. Check out my 7 Weird Things meme...

Karina said...

Frigga, it's up!

Julia, on my way!

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed that you actually decide what you are going to write about for the week and stick to it. I'm pretty lame at that.

I love all your animal print from beside your bed. Fun!

Unknown said...

You stay so organized! I think I need to hang out with you for a bit.

Karina said...

Susan and Lisa, I'm really not that organized, TRUST ME, I just had some stuff planned this week and this was my way of not forgetting what I wanted to do. And also of making sure I didn't get sidetracked, which I tend to do VERY easily! ;-)