Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Deeds

Yesterday was a good day. A busy day, an exhausting day, but a good day. Yesterday I joined with a group of old friends, and helped to feed the poor at a local YMCA. The Y hosts this event every Saturday afternoon, and this group, part of a youth group I belonged to ages ago, has decided to participate. I've decided to join them. We will do this about every 6 weeks, yesterday was our first go at it.

They cooked all the food themselves (this time I joined in a bit later, as I had some things to do in the morning), and then we all headed over to set up the room, and hand out the food.

We met some characters, among them "Santa" himself, and served up smiles with our hot beef stew. Some were grateful, some were chatty, others were subdued. This goes for both the givers and the receivers.

It was a gift to be able to participate in something that reminds us how blessed we are. By the end we were exhausted, hungry ourselves, not having taken time to eat, but satiated with something much greater. For a few hours this Saturday, we made a real difference.

It's the little things.


Julia Phillips Smith said...

Fantastic, Karina. When you spend time giving, you realize that you are receiving from them, as well. Every gesture given is precious. No one can solve the world's problems, but each person can do something for one another.

Pamela said...

...given to the least of these, my brethen.....