Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - "I Cannot Be Silly"!

It's Bachelor time once again! This week kicks off with a singing contest. The girls are given 30 minutes to compose a song, and then they step up to perform for him. From these performances, Jason will pick the girl who will get a one on one date with him. Who will it be?

Molly sings a silly diddy, Shannon does a rap song, the rest of the girls goof off, show off, or shout off. Lauren tries her hand at a real song and actually sounds pretty good. And then Nikki has a complete melt down because she "cannot be silly" and does not even sing happy birthday to her nieces and nephews. And yet, when she finally allows herself to sing, she pulls it off with a lullaby to her future child. What was all the drama about?

When all is said (uh sung) and done, Jason picks Molly for the one on one date. And the date is just a "hang out at home date".

While the two of them are on their "cozy" s'more making date, the rest of the girls find out who will be going on the group date the next day, and who will be going on a two on one date with him. A two on one date which will send one of the girls home. Those two will be Nikki and Stephanie, which sends Nikki into her second crying fit of the day.

Back at the date, however, Jason has given Molly a rose, and invited her to "camp out" with him in a tent overnight...awww, how sweet.

So, in the morning she takes the "walk of shame" in his clothes back to the house.

And then Jason goes on a group date to the set of General Hospital, where Shannon jumps right in to a kissing scene, which quite honestly, just makes her seem like a lovesick fan...poor girl, she's so on "rock start" mode with him.

Jason, however is having a blast making out with all the girls for the sake of "acting" of course...

After all the making out...uh, acting, Jason takes all the girls to a VIP Hollywood party.

But nobody is in a party mood. All the girls are emotional, jealous, and not really enjoying themselves. All of them except Megan who is taking full advantage of the situation to try and play into Jason's arms. I have to tell you, I just still don't like her. Don't trust her, don't like her.

And then Lauren decides she's going to play bossy and "you need to give me a rose tonight or I'm going to get pissed"...and I think she comes across not exactly how she intended to...think that plan backfired sweetie.

Then Melissa breaks down and cries to Jason about how much it is hurting her to see him make out with other girls. They share a very sweet tender moment, and are rudely interrupted by Shannon. But hey, a girls' got to get her time, right? She decides to spill her heart to Jason. Guess tonight is the night for all the girls to cry their hearts out and put it all on the line.

The question is, is Jason buying all the tears and fears?

After all the crying and sharing, Jason gives Naomi the rose for the night.

And then it is time for the Two on One date. Stephanie and Nikki are presented with designer gowns for their special date. But let's not forget, only one of these girls will be coming home from their date...who will it be?

There's a bit of a dance off between the two girls with Jason. It's funny because I don't think I've ever seen a more "civilized cat fight"...but this was definitely a cat fight. Funny. Then Nikki finally opens up to Jason and tells him about her 11 year relationship which ended a little over a year ago and broke her heart.

And then it is time for Jason to give out his rose, and he gives it to Stephanie. Nikki is going home. She waited too long to open up it seems. Poor girl, it really showed in her monologue in the limo that she suffers from some serious self-esteem issues, likely stemming from her being dumped by her ex the way she was. My heart actually hurt for her a little bit...

And Stephanie? I'm still not feeling her as the one for Jason.

Back at the homestead, the girls are still stressing on the "this is so hard" factor, with another Rose ceremony around the corner.

So, let me break down my feelings on the remaining girls, now that we're down to a manageable number.

There's Jillian. I like her, but don't know that I see the romance with them.

There's Melissa. I really like her, think she's sweet, and I see a certain chemistry between them for sure.

There's Megan. I've already said it, so I won't get into it, but I just don't like her...at all. I get a really bad, phony vibe off her, and I hope he'll eventually see through to that...

There's Stephanie. She's sweet and all, but I don't know...I'm not seeing it.

There's Lauren. Eh...nope.

There's Shannon...she still freaks me out and I don't think she's in anyway equiped to handle the seriousness of a relationship, marriage and motherhood.

There's Naomi, who I like, but feel like we haven't gotten to know all that well yet.

There's Molly. I like Molly. Molly has potential.

So, who will go home? Which two girls will not get roses tonight? Stephanie, Naomi and Molly are safe with roses already.

Melissa gets the first rose of the evening, with Jillian receiving the second. And then there were three. Shannon, Lauren and Megan...who will it be?

Play the shocking suspense music a little longer and then Jason puts down the rose and says he can't give out the final rose. He tells all three ladies that he thinks they are beautiful ladies, but can't see a future with any of them, so he will not hand out the final rose...all three are going home.

See, I told you I was perfect for Jason, right? Because so far, we're totally seeing eye to eye on these girls. Ah, such is life girls...

And then there were five. FIVE...Getting close to the finish line, aren't we? What drama will we have next week?

Guess we'll have to stay tuned and see...


Julia Phillips Smith said...

This is one of my cousin's favorite shows. But I must admit I never watch it. Your play-by-play is far more interesting, Karina!

the planet of janet said...

i watched last night ... and you have this pretty much nailed.

Anonymous said...

okay i could only read about half of this, before I got kind of ticky about it. jesus, who sets themselves up to go through that grinder to meet some guy they have no chance of ending up with.. they must REALLY REALLY like pain.

oh well.

Karina said...

Julia, glad you enjoy the play by play. I'd never actually watched the show until last season, got sucked into the Bachelorette because an old college buddy of mine was a bachelor. then fell in love with Jason, so of course, had to watch this season...

janet, so you agree then? ;-) glad to hear it. lol

Jill, yeah...I could never put myself through the torture of a reality show like this. But, someone's got to do it right? Otherwise, what would I write about? lol

Pamela said...

strange how things turn out.
The first two episodes I would have pegged Lauren to be a front runner. But she turned caustic. Megan appeared to be two faced. Shannon-- 7th grade. sigh. And I liked Shannon at first.

Molly looks like the real deal right now. I gave Naomi high marks when she responded to his query about the "girls not getting along" -- she side stepped it and said she'd rather talk about him. wise.