Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wanna be a Mobster?

Okay folks, it's the New Year and that means we're all heading to the gym and eating healthy. This week.

Everyone has these New Year's Resolutions and for a whole lot of people that means the good old "lose weight, eat healthy, go to the gym" thing. Right? Right.

Well, as you all know, last year I really did get serious about finally getting my body back. I started Jenny Craig with my mom on August 27th, and as of today, I've lost a little over 23 lbs. As my goal was initial 20,and then I added an additional 5, that means I'm less than 2 lbs. away from my goal. I'm playing with throwing another 5 lbs out there, mostly so I can have wiggle room to eat and not have to worry as much, but we'll just see how that goes. Since I plan on hitting the gym and toning and maybe adding some muscle, I may leave well enough alone.

That being said, maintenance is gong to be a big thing for me. Never again do I want to see that 25 lbs, therefore, this will be a lifelong lifestyle change for me. Also, my mother still has some weight to lose, and in the process of my own weight loss, I've inspired a few friends to do their own.

I will say right here that I loved doing Jenny Craig, however, the food was a bit on the pricey side (although delicious) and therefore I had to stop going last month. Mom also cannot afford to keep going, so we've decided to start our own "support group" if you will. A few of my friends, and a few of mom's friends are joining us.

Our first meeting is tomorrow. We'll get together, do some meal planning, weigh-ins, share ideas and recipes and other things. Mostly we'll motivate each other to stay and/or get in shape. I'm calling these meetings "Mind over Body"...or "Mob" meetings.

And I want you to join us virtually as well. What do you think? Are you in? Here's the plan, every Wednesday I'll post a Mobster post, and you check in with your results, your plan for the week, your challenges and wins for the prior week, etc. We motivate ourselves, each other, and possibly others as well. You can post your own post on your very own blog, and just link back here, or you can just post in comments, if you want to.

Let me know if you're in, and I'll make sure I have links to your blogs on Wednesday. I'm also working on a button for the posts...hopefully I'll have it by Wednesday.

So? Wanna be a Mobster?


Jill said...

hey i think its a great idea. i can't be a mobster because i'm still nursing the munchkin, but i am glad you are so motivated!

Rebecca said...

WhoooHoooo! Congrats on being within 2 pounds of your goal, that's excellent!

I'm sorry I can't join though, I lost an unhealthy amount of weight in '08 (without wanting to or trying to), so I'm working on mainting and NOT losing any more. :(

Beckie said...

That is a fantastic idea! I'm not really in the weight loss phase of things, but I might join in for the fitness goals if that's ok. I'm trying to tone up and maintain my weight loss from 2008.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Congratulations on the 20-lbs, Karina! Woo!! Yeah!!

Great idea for your own success group. Count this gangsta in for the Mob wars.

And - Tag! You're it!

qualcosa di bello said...

hearty congrats to your loss!!! that is so awesome

Isolda said...

Hey Girl! I'm up for being a virtual Mobster, although I don't know how often I'll remember to log in! Since August I've lost 17lbs and still have a few to go. Congrats to you on your success and what a great idea to do it yourself! Why spend money if you don't have it, right?!