Wednesday, April 04, 2007

21 in 30 - April...showers?

Snow showers? Happy Spring and all that junk to everyone out there...this is the scene outside my office right now.

Yep, gotta love New England!

Note the green of the trees, below the white of the snow. How telling of the confusion that is mother nature around these parts.


Anonymous said...

Sonia the trees are Evergreens...they don't loose that....

You should just move to Southern California....Hey are you coming out here this summer to help me with the baby????


Karina said...

Yeah, that's a total misnomer, the evergreens totally lose the color in the winter, they go greyish green! ;-)

I'd love to come out this summer, you paying for my flight? seriously, I'll see what I can do, I'd love to!

Anonymous said...

Ever_GREEN....'nough said.