Friday, April 13, 2007

30 in 30 - I made it, and a few random thoughts

First of all...hey, I made it...30 posts in 30 days! How about that? I'm going to keep going too.

Secondly, a few random things:

It's Friday the 13th...good luck day or bad luck day for you? It's never really made a difference to me. I'm not supersticious, so I hardly notice it, really.

To follow up on yesterday's political post...I actually think Don Imus deserved to be suspended, and possibly even fired. For starters he used his job as a public figure on national radio to humiliate and offend a bunch of innocent college girls. Besides, the guy mumbles almost as badly as Mayor Menino, what the hell was he doing in radio? I'm glad there was a sit-down with the girls from Rutgers, and that they got to speak their minds to him, and tell him how he made them feel. I'm not sure if they accepted his apology, or even if they believed him (or should believe him), but I'm glad they got their turn to say their piece. That really is how a situation like this should be handled, by letting the parties involved be the ones to hash it out. That said, I'm still wondering why Isaiah Washington still has a job, and the same people quick to defend him when he made his offending remarks, where quick to crucify Imus...Hey, I think they're both asses. And I'm also wondering what this means in terms of how many dumbass and ignorant celebrities are going to get in trouble for opening their mouths, versus how many will be forgiven. I also wonder if the slur had only been aimed at women, as opposed to racially driven, would the uproar have been as loud? Because to me, calling a group of basketball players "hos" would have been offensive on its own...but would it have been enough? Is it about being offensive, or is it the particular group that gets offended that counts? I'm just saying.

I'm realizing I've been a bit too political in my entries of late, and if I had any readers, I'd probably be getting lambasted right now...but I don't really, so whatever...and besides, I'm just saying what's on my mind, you don't like it? Yeah, whatever.

In's Friday. I love Fridays almost as much as I love Saturdays, but not quite as much. Therefore, I'm in too good of a mood to get any more political. So, everyone, go have a nice drink tonight, and let's all try to get along huh?


Literary Feline said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal! I hope you will continue to post regularly, as I do enjoy reading your insightful thoughts. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's been a few days already and you haven't posted anything new. It's been fun. Keep it up.

Karina said...

Thanks ladies! I intend to keep going...I know weekends will be tough, because I tend to stay away from the computer if I can, and now that the challenge is over, I probably won't post every day, but I still will make sure to post a few times a week AT LEAST. ;-)