Thursday, April 26, 2007

Seriously? - Are Princesses Good Role Models?

Seriously? I’m starting a new “segment” if you will. It’s going to be called…you guessed it “Seriously?” and whenever I come across things in the media that just boggle my mind, but yet that I must react to, this is where’ll it’ll happen.

So, back to today’s topic. “Are Princesses Good Role Models?” is a headline on Yahoo’s homepage today. There is an ABC news video link to that story, and there is the story at the ABC News Website. Take a moment if you will to either watch the video, or read the story, (the narration is the same as the article) then come back.

Got it? Okay good…so…SERIOUSLY?? Is this what we’ve become? Afraid to let our children play? SERIOUSLY? This Peggy Orenstein chick obviously had a very unhappy childhood, and has some real hang-ups about being a female. She says “She wants children to live in reality, not fantasy.” SERIOUSLY??

For God’s sake…WHY? Why the hell would we want children to live in reality? Childhood should be all about fantasy, and imagination and playing and not knowing the reality of how much the real world SUCKS. Let them be children. They will deal with reality all too soon anyway, why take away those few years where it actually is all about beauty and fantasy? Is that so bad?

Ms. Orenstein worries about their body image? SERIOUSLY? Because I’d be a hell of a lot more concerned about the fact that she’s focusing on a 3 year old’s body image, then the fact that Snow White and Cinderella are pretty CARTOON girls.

Look, I’m not saying I don’t realize that body image is a huge issue for women and girls in this country (in the world), but taking away a childhood fantasy of being a princess isn’t going to fix the problem. She says: “I really worry about what it's setting girls up for. Will the girl who is wearing 'Princess' across her chest when she's three be wearing 'Spoiled' across her chest when she's six, and 'Porn Star' when she is 12?"

SERIOUSLY?? I mean…SERIOUSLY?? And a 12 year old wearing a “Porn Star” t-shirt (WHAT?) is due to watching Princess movies when she was 3 years old? SERIOUSLY? It has nothing to do with parenting, or the values she is taught? And the fact that my mother would have kicked my ass if I ever even looked at a t-shirt that said “Porn Star” on it?


Let’s stop blaming the media, the music, the freakin’ cartoons already huh? It’s due time that parents take responsibility for raising their kids and that women take responsibility for loving and accepting themselves. We all know that magazines models and celebrities are airbrushed beyond recognition, we know they starve themselves for the sake of their business, we know that it’s not reality. WE have a responsibility to make sure the younger generations know that as well, and that they begin to make the changes we have as yet been unable to make. But for God’s sake…leave the cartoons alone, and let children have their fantasies for a while huh?


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Literary Feline said...

I do think there is something to be said too for the princesses such as the Disney characters being good roll models. Sure they are cartoons, but they have many good qualities. Even with that though, as you pointed out and as it was stated in the video, children take their cues from their parents and real life adults more often than not.

Anyhow, I agree with every point you made and may I add . . . SERIOUSLY?