Tuesday, April 10, 2007

27 in 30 - Speaking of Poetry

In keeping with my entry about my love of Poetry yesterday, I got creative today. A funny thing about my own writing, is that it is not always based in my reality. What I mean is, although poetry in general, and my stuff specifically, always resonates strongly with me emotionally, I have always been able to write about powerful subjects that I have no particular experience in first hand. This actually got me in a spot of trouble in high school, when I wrote a pretty strong poem about domestic abuse, and wound up in the guidance counselors office, trying to convince them that "Honestly, my dad has NEVER hit my mom, and NO I don't know anyone being physically abused". After a while, they finally believed me, but I learned quickly never to submit my truly creative stuff to teachers.

On that note, today I wrote this piece, and no, there was absolutely NOBODY specific in mind when I wrote it, it just appeared out of somewhere, as most of my writing tends to do, and needed to find it's way on paper.

I'm also doing something here I don't usually do, which is share my poetry in first draft version. I usually don't share it at all, never mind right after I write it. I may at one point decide to take it back, and this entry will disappear into thin air...but since I have MAYBE 2 readers...I don't feel so exposed...

That said I give you:

Much too young

I was old enough to know better
But too young to care
I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted
And there was nothing you could do to stop me

And now I find myself 15 and pregnant.

I was smart enough to think twice
But too foolish to think it through
I’d heard your warnings, your advice
But this is my life; I had to make my own choice

And now I find myself 15 and pregnant.

I was bold enough to fool around
But too shy to tell him how I really felt
I wanted to, but I was also scared,
And then I realized too late that I wanted him to stop

And now I find myself 15 and pregnant.

I was strong enough to hide my pain
But too weak to let him know it was a mistake
I couldn’t forget it, but I couldn’t do it again
And he couldn’t understand what was wrong so he left.

And now I find myself 15 and pregnant.

I was old enough, smart enough, bold enough, strong enough,
But I was too young, too foolish, too shy, too weak
And now I find myself alone

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