Monday, June 18, 2007

Introducing...BLUEBERRY 2.0

FUN MONDAY POST coming later on today... in the meantime:

As some of you may know from reading this post, the original Blueberry, my beta fish who sat on my desk at work, swimming round and round in his little fishbowl and making me smile, swam off to the big fish pond in the sky a few weeks ago. I finally picked up a new Beta today at lunch...thus I give you: Blueberry 2.0

This one has slightly more red in his coloring that the original Blue did, and also seems to have a bit more spunk. Since putting him in the fishbowl today, he's explored every nook and cranny, and spend quite a bit of time just staring at me. Something I find amusing, because Blue 1.0 never even noticed my existence, but this one will swim right up against the glass and face me...and kind of give me the eye...haha...He also seems to want to swim right through the glass, hopefully he doesn't knock himself out.

Anyway, there should be a Fun Monday post later on tonight, but for now, here's Blue 2.0 to tide you over...

1 comment:

Molly said...

I like your colorful fish with colorful and clever name. I will add you to the Fun Monday list right now. I am looking forward to your post. Take care.