Monday, August 20, 2007

LawBoy says Aloha

A quick update on the LawBoy situation for those who are curious; there is not much to report, for the most part, all has been quiet in the text messaging world.

Since the fated evening of text-flirting, there have only been a handful of “hey what’s up” type messages exchanged between us. A week ago Friday in the midst of these pleasantries, he informed me he was leaving for a trip to Hawaii on Sunday. I did not question with whom or for what purpose, mostly because it really is none of my business, but also because one can assume that Hawaii is the sort of place where for the most part, one does not go to with “friends” to hang out, or for business…especially if one is a resident of the East Coast. We do the Caribbean for “friendly getaways”. Therefore, my assumption was that LawBoy was going to Hawaii with his girlfriend, whom he is supposedly so unhappy with. Whatever. Maybe the trip was planned before he’d realized the end of the relationship is near. Maybe it’s a last ditch effort to salvage the romance. Maybe he has no plans on breaking off this relationship at all. Truly, whatever…I’m plotting my entry into the dating world right now, and can’t be bothered to decipher the code.

So, if he left for Hawaii last Sunday, one would assume he would be gone until AT LEAST this past Friday, if not Saturday. Again, one does not travel to Hawaii from the East Coast for a shorter period of time than a week…it is a LONG trip for any shorter amount of time.

And yet…Saturday at 5PM the little text messaging envelope shows up on my phone. Yep, LawBoy wanted to know what I was up to. He couldn't have been back on the East Coast for more than 24 hours. Interesting.

I did reply later on that night, informing him I was heading out to dinner with some friends, but did not receive a reply from him.

Not holding my breath over here, but I am constantly intrigued with the thought process behind the random texts…

Ah well, nothing new to report, still a mystery to me. Also a mystery: figuring out how a woman in her early 30’s, who is completely done with clubs and never interested in bars, lives and works in the suburbs, and doesn’t have any friends with “single” friends, is going to enter the dating world once again. Yeah…I don’t know either.


MommaBoo said...

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Lawboy needs to get a clue!

Wicked H said...

I'd love to give you dating tips but I am almost 45 and single.

But I am sending you positive karma and all that stuff. No, really!


lissa said...

I like hearing about Lawboy. Sounds to me even he doesn't know what he wants to do. But there's always a chance he might come around.

Good luck with the dating world. I can't give you any advice but I am sending good wishes to you.

Rebecca said...

Ya, I know what you mean... I don't know where to go either. But I'm convinced that everywhere I go I'm going to meet someone... Ya, it doesn't really happen.