Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seriously?? - It's a Dog's Life, Indeed

On the Yahoo Home Page today: Leona Helmsley's Dog gets $12 Million in her Will.


And it appears that two of her grandchildren get NOTHING. How great do they feel knowing they were outsmarted by a Maltese named Trouble?

The rest of her grandchildren, will get $5 million each. Not that this is a drop in the bucket, but...Trouble still out-inhereted them too.

Even her chauffer got a bit of the pie...but really, all he got was a $100,000 slice.

Trouble still wins!

Leona Helmsley was famous for saying "Only little people pay taxes"...I wonder if dogs do?

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Wicked H said...


Next life I hope to come back as her dog! LOL