Wednesday, August 01, 2007


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Karina said...

This really is a picture I took. They were hanging on the wall in a restaurant I ate in this weekend...but they were kind of boring looking, so I spiced it up a bit.

Rayne said...

This is cute! It took me a moment to get it... I am so slow today.

ICJ said...

Great WW entry! :-)

Now, I wish they agreed! I guess I'd go with Frank Sinatra on that one... LOL

Happy WW!

Isabelle aka Tricotine

jennyr said...

i like sinatra among all,lol!

Stacie said...

Funny. I'm over from the casting call.

MommaBoo said...

I think I like Sintara's best!

Thanks for sharing!

Happy WW!

Rebecca said...

Well now I'm thouroughly confused do be do be do?

Happy WW :P

Anonymous said...

Oh I so would have been on that one too.
The perfect Wordless.
Take care.