Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thirteen Dance Routines

I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE, for the funky margin
Issue in this week's TT...I've fixed as best
I can, but it's still screwy...

Today's Thursday Thirteen is in honor of
tonight's finale of "So You Think You Can
Dance",which is my favorite reality show,
talent competition on television due to
my immense love of dance. This season of
SYTYCD has been incredible, and there
have been numerous performances that
have absolutely blown me away. Here
are 13 of my favorites, in no particular

1. Lacey and Pasha - Hip Hop - I love this
routine, it was such a fun and creative one:

2. Lacey and Pasha - Smooth Waltz - Just

3. Sabra and Neil - Jazz - One of my top
three favorites of the season:

4. Sabra and Neil - Passo Doble- HOT:

5. Neil and Lacey - Contemporary -

Beautiful, and very emotional

6. Danny and Lacey - Samba - Another

HOT one:

7. Sabra and Dominic - Hip Hop- This was
yet another really fun, and sharp routine:

8. Danny and Anya - Contemporary - Very
anguished, but beautiful:

9. Hok and Jamie - Jazz -simply beautiful:

10. Lacey and Kameron - Contemporary -

I've already posted about this one, it was definitely my favorite routine of the season. It was also
the inspiration for a poem you can
find on my other blog,

11. Jesse and Pasha - Waltz -Another
Smooth Waltz, another beautiful

12. Neil and Danny - Contemporary - Unfortunately, this video isn't available on youtube yet. It was a performance from
last night, and I will put the video
in here when it shows up online,
which I'm sure it will...It was

13. Danny - Solo - Final Performance - Another one that is not yet available
online. He absolutely blew me away
with this solo.

Tonight's Finale promises to have some
more wonderful performances, and of the
top 4, Neil, Sabra, Lacey and Danny, I
honestly cannot pick a favorite, they
were all fantastic, and each deserves
to win. I'm just thankful that I've had
the chance to watch them master their
artwork, and hope to see them do more.
There are few artforms in life that can
touch me as deeply as dance, this show
is an amazing showcase of the talent
that is out there. I sound like a
commercial, don't I?

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Savannah Chase said...

Of I must say that they do dance some beautiful dances on the show. Very pretty...

Lori said...

Very cool stuff:) Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched the show but there is definitely some talent out there!

Rebecca said...

I wish I could dance. I like going to the country bars and having the tall cowboys push me around the floor - that's hot.

Oh oh, you're talking about the tv show! Oh well, Happy TT13! :P

Julia Phillips Smith said...

"There are few artforms in life that can
touch me as deeply as dance, this show
is an amazing showcase of the talent
that is out there. I sound like a
commercial, don't I?"

No - just a dance fanatic like me! Thanks for sharing these. Have you ever heard of La La La Human Steps? You'd probably love them.

i am the diva said...

Thanks for stopping by! So you Think you can dance is fairly entertaining, i didn't get into it this year so thanks for the clips!

Spy Scribbler said...

Wow, I hope I can catch it, tonight. I really liked the Passo Doble, and of course, the other one you blogged about awhile back. I've only seen one episode and some YouTube videos, but I keep meaning to watch it. Thanks for the reminder!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

I am literally cha-cha-chaing around the place.
A very lively 13.
Take care.
Your blog buddy,

Karina said...

Savannah, lori, and Joy: Yeah, there is some incredible talent and some beautiful dances on that show.

Nancy, I too cannot wait for tonight's finale!!

Frigga, cowboys huh? Something new I didn't know about you. ;-)

Julia, no, I've never heard of them, but I'll check them out.

Diva, glad you enjoyed the clips.

Spyscribbler, glad I could remind you, it should be quite the finale.

Frances, cha cha cha away! ;-)

WendyWings said...

The show does not air here in NZ but if I was still working my old job I would probably have ended up interviewing/organising online chats with these contestants. ( I am glad I don't have too quite frankly lol)
Have a happy TT day.

MommaBoo said...

You know, everytime we watch "So you think you can dance?", I think of you and how much dancing means to you.

You are so creative and I wish I could see you perform one day.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Happy TT!