Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cafe Karina - American Idol - Round 2

Well, here we are, it's time for the second group of twelve contestants on American Idol to sing their little hearts out and fight it out for a spot on the Final Twelve this season.

Last week we heard from the first twelve, and America put through Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey.

Who will it be this week? We'll find that out tomorrow night, but first they must perform. Again, I'm keeping the recaps very basic until we get to the final 12, because...well, because 36 is just way too many to keep track of.

So here we go:

Jasmine Murray: I like her, and think she has a great voice. She's actually been one of my top pics among the girls from the beginning. That being said, I didn't love her performance tonight. Blame it on song choice, blame it on the arrangement of the song, I don't know. She was good, but just sort blah. Didn't love her.

Matt Giraud: Another of my favorites from the audition process. I think he's soulful and has a fantastic voice, and a little bit of star quality as well. And hey, this was the first time I've ever heard this song (Viva La Vida by Coldplay) that I actually understood the lyrics. I thought he had some really good moments with the song, and I liked the arrangement he chose. It didn't blow me away, but I enjoyed it.

Quick sidenote, which I'll probably repeat throughout the season as I write my recaps. I write these as I watch, and usually write my reviews of the performances before the judes chime in. So, it's always fun to see how much we disagree and at times, how we use the exact same words to describe the performances. Always fun. Anyway, back to the performances.

Jeanine Vailes: Didn't get much airtime during the auditions (I'm not even sure I remember seeing her at all), and tonight's performance? Was horrible. Song choices people, have they learned nothing? Not impressed at all. I actually fast forwarded to the end because I couldn't listen anymore. You know you're in trouble when Paula starts her review with "great legs". Right.

Nick Mitchell a/k/a Norman Gentle: ugh. What kills me about this guy is that he's annoying as all getout, and I don't find him even remotely funny as Norman Gentle. And yet, I think he's hillarious as himself, and he actually has a good voice. But let's be honest, this guy should so NOT still be on the show. Isn't it great then that we know America will most likely vote him through? There's actually a small part of me that wants this guy to win the whole thing because it would force the producers of this show to admit how ridiculous they have become in their search for ratings that they'll let the Norman Gentle's and Tatiana's get this far. But I digress. His performance? Although ridiculous, was the best one so far tonight. No, seriously, I'm not even kidding.

Allison Iraheta: Only 16 and probably the most powerful performance so far this season. It wasn't perfect, and maybe a bit "screechy" but finally one that had me going "okay, she deserves to be up there". Good job girl!

Kris Allen: Where have they been hiding this cutie? He's adorable, isn't he? Just makes you want to get up there and pinch his cheeks. Oh, AND he can sing too. Great performance, he might just have become one of my favorites.

Megan Corkey: She's a spunky little thing, very different and unique with a powerful and beautiful voice. She's got a great personality too that shows through as she's performing on that stage. Sounded great, looked great...I really dug her performance. Fantastic.

Matt Breitzke: The welder. You know...this is where I turn into Simon a little bit, because I think the guy has a good voice, but he doesn't really have that "star" quality about him, and it was really very "Karaoke" or, what's the other thing Simon always says "something you could find at any bar or pub across the country"? Yeah, something like that. Not memorable, I don't think he'll make it through.

Jesse Langseth: Another one we didn't see at all during the audition process. And I just don't think we'll be seeing her again after tonight either. She wasn't terrible, she just wasn't good enough. Not impressed. Another one I hit the fast forward button through a little bit past half-way through.

This is the point in the show where i actually said out loud "can we just finish this thing so I can go to sleep". bad sign...boring show tonight.

Kai Kalama : This guy is so "smooth"...but I can't decide if I find it sexy or cheesy. Is he Enrique Iglesias or Rico Suave? I'm just not sure. That being said, he has a great voice. However, song choice...I thought this song was a terrible choice for him. Eh...not impressed, not really.

Mishavonna Henson: I really like this girl. I thought she put on a brilliant performance. She might have the best voice among the girls so far. Very controlled, but not boring. I really enjoyed it. Bravo.

Adam Lambert: I love this guy, he's completely unique and different, and not the typical American idol contestant because he's a "theatre" guy. But can he deliver on the Idol stage? I'll tell you what, he made me smile. He's definitely a little bit more "out there" and his performance did have that "musical theatre" feel to it, but it was enjoyable and totally made me smile. And he sounded good too. It was WAY fun to watch. I love him.

And that's it, we're all done. I'd say this is tough, because once again we narrow down 12 to 3, but in all honesty, not all that hard because overall, the performances were bland and boring and not memorable. It'll be interesting to see what America does with their votes. And don't forget, there are 3 wildcard spots when all is said and done, so noone's "out" yet.

See you tomorrow night!

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he he. i didnt get to hear half of them because of my baby, but hey! at least then i didnt have to hear some of the bad ones. i guess its a trade off, isn't it?