Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cafe Karina - American Idol - The next three finalists

It's week two of the live shows, and tonight is results night. As in last week's episode, last night America voted, and tonight three more finalists will take their seats on those coveted "stools". One guy, one girl, and one other "highest vote getter".

So, without further ado, who will they be?

Well, in true AI fashion, first we need some filler talk, some video montages and some guests and performances...

First the group of 12 perform Neyo's closer. I actually thought they did a really good job, and that's not easy when you have such a large group of completely different voices and styles. Not bad.

After some awkward back and forth banter with Simon, Matt Breitzke and Ryan Seacrest, it's time for the results.

Ryan calls down, first Allison Iraheta, Jesse Langseth and Matt of them is through, the other two are not...and making it through is Allison Iraheta. Good job America, she was one of my favorites last night.

Next it's between Meghan Corkey and Kris either one of them safe? We don't know yet.

Matt Giraud and Jeanine Vailes are one of them safe? They join the other two, and out of these four 1 of them is safe...which bums me out, because I really like Matt and Meghan both...I just keep thinking "wildcard, there are wildcards for later".

We are then told that Jeanine is NOT making it through. Neither is Matt. Will it be Meghan or Kris?

And it's Kris. Which, I'm not entirely sure I agree with, but I do like him, again, with Meghan...wildcards...

So, now there is one spot left, and why is it that I think Nick/Norman is going to make it through?

Another video montage and then Brooke White, former contestant from last season is back to perform her first single "Hold Up My Heart". Eh...I was never a Brooke White

And then it's time for more results. Mishavona, Kai, Nick/Norman, Jasmine and Adam are all lined up and one by one shot down (basically). Mishavona, Kai and Jasmine are sent packing. Which of course leaves us with Nick/Norman and Adam Lambert. Of course...the guy with the actual talent, and this season's, who will it be?

Turns out Simon's prayers have been answerd and Nick/Norman has not made it through, and Adam Lambert has.

Overall, I think America did fairly well...though I'm still holding out hope that maybe Matt Giraud but definitely Meghan will get a wildcard spot.

Twelve more next week...but for now, I'm calling it a night.

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