Friday, February 06, 2009

Only The Good Friday - GO RED

Today is Friday, time for Good Cheer! Everyone loves a Friday right? Shelly has made them even better by starting this movement of blogging about only good things on Fridays, and I’ve joined her for quite a few weeks now.

This week, I have many good things to share (especially since I wasn’t able to post last week).

So, let’s start with the personal stuff. My brand new car!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to begin looking for a new car, and I’m happy to report that last Friday I picked up my new toy.

Ain’t she pretty? It’s a brand new 2009 Subaru Legacy, and my very first brand new car ever. It is my 5th car since I started driving, and the first one that doesn’t come to me with a litany of problems created by its former owner. I’m very much enjoying the “new car smell” each time I get into it too.

I also realized upon picking this car up that I am definitely a “car” girl, not an SUV girl. I never really “fit” the Rav4, and don’t even miss it a little bit. I did, however, love driving my Grand Am which I had before that…so, yes, folks, I’m a car girl. And this car? OH, how I love this car!

I also just had a remote starter installed in my new baby, and oh, how spoiled I am now…

Moving onto more good stuff, last week I also booked a cruise. My friend Traveler and I will be sailing the Caribbean at the end of March, and I can hardly stand it, I’m so excited. I went on my first cruise almost 7 years ago, and thought it was the best way to vacation ever, so I am beyond excited for this trip.

I am also on a mission. With my recent weight loss, I’ve set goals along the way, and am happy to say that so far, I’ve managed to reach each one successfully. Well folks, I’m setting a new goal. I plan on doing something for this cruise that I have not done since I was probably 12 or 13 years old. What is it, you ask? Wear a bikini. I will not wear a one piece bathing suit on this cruise. I’ve worked hard to lose the weight, and now need to step it up in the gym to get in the shape required to get into a bikini, but damn it, I’m going to do it. This is a good thing, because it motivates me to really get to the gym and get in shape.

Speaking of which, last night I was able to do a 45 minute, 5 mile run on the elliptical machine. Considering that at the start of my exercise program I was doing maybe a 30 minute mile (and nearly passing out from the exertion) I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

Not just because of the fact that I’m getting into shape, but because I’m taking control of my health. Which segues quite nicely into my final good thought for the day.

Are you wearing RED today? Because today is “National Go Red Day”, a day dedicated to raise awareness for good heart health, specifically for women. I’m wearing my red, and I’m doing my part, telling you to go
here learn more about heart disease (the number one killer of women in this country), and educate yourself, so you can better yourself.

Stay healthy, and have a good…FABULOUS Friday! (and go visit
Shelley for more Goodness).


Rebecca said...

Oh, all sorts of excitment over here! I love the new car! And I'm just like you, I like cars.

The cruise sounds great - promise to take lots and lots of pictures?

Major kudos to you for taking control of your health! And wow, when you set your mind to something, you really follow through and do a great job! I have no doubt that you'll have a smoking hot body ready for that bikini!

This whole, go red thing... I've never heard of it. Is it only once a year? Did I miss my chance to say I heart my heart?

Have a great weekend!

PBNJM said...

I'm wearing Red!!

Nicole said...

I wish I was going to be cruising with you! I'm jealous. :)