Monday, February 16, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - And then there were two

This week on The Bachelor, Jason and the three final ladies are in New Zealand. Beautiful scenery and backdrop to falling in love, don't you think?

So, will this trip help Jason make up his mind which of these women he wants to spend the rest of his life with? We'll see.

For his first date in New Zealand, Jason picks Jillian up in a helicopter and takes her for a mountain top picnic. They have great conversation and appear to be having a good time, but Jason keeps telling the camera that he wants "passion" and it's apparent he's not feeling it with her. The conversation, the connection, the friendship is there, but if the passion is not, can it work? I'm a firm believer that if there's no "spark" it just doesn't work. You can't fake passion and it's necessary in order for a relationship to work. It can't be all passion, but it is necessary.

But, by the end of the evening the two decide to spend the night in the "fantasy suite", and hey, maybe there is something there. You can't fault the guy for trying right? yeah, we won't go there...

The next day Jason has a date with Molly. He takes her to a bridge that has "The best view in New Zealand" and tells her they're bungee jumping. Okay folks, I don't care how much I care about a man, bungee jumping? NOT HAPPENING, EVER. I'm just sayin'. But Molly? Scared as she was totally went for it. Good for her. After the jump, over lunch, Molly pulls out a LONG list of questions for Jason, everything from his favorite flavor of ice cream to his favorite holiday. At first I thought it was weird, but then as she got into the questions I realized what a brilliant idea she had. Those little things are so important to know, and they say so much about your personality...very smart of Molly. Jason seemed to have fun answering the questions, but he states that "Fun is always easy with Molly", he wants to know if she can get serious. So, over dinner, the conversation definitely gets more serious and Molly tells Jason she thinks she's falling in love with him.

This is one cruel twisted show, isn't it? I mean, here's this guy, and these three girls, all spilling their hearts to him, letting themselves fall in love with him, and in the end, two of them are going home empty handed, very soon too. Twisted, right?

Jason's final New Zealand date is with Melissa and as much as Jason is into her, he still hasn't met her family, and for a guy like Jason, this is a big deal. Can he get past it? Jason takes Melissa out on Winston Churchill's old boat for a sail around the lake, taking in the beautiful scenery. I think of all the girls, Jason feels the strongest connection with Melissa, I think from the beginning she's kind of been the one he's kept in his back pocket, the one he's always felt that extra spark with. But the family thing is definitely an issue for him. Only time will tell if it will be a bit enough issue to keep her from winning her man. Melissa does, however, take advantage of their time together to reveal to Jason that she has fallen in love with him.

And then, it is time for the final rose ceremony. Because after this, it is not a rose, it is an engagement ring. One of the three women is about to get her heart broken tonight however, which one will it be? If I had to call it, I'd say Jillian was the one going home this time, call it a hunch...but I'll tell you what, Jason's got one tough call to make, because these really are some great girls, aren't they? And I still think Jason's quite the catch, reality television or not, I can see how these girls have fallen for him in such a short time. Heck, I fell for him just watching him on the Bachelorette. Well, yeah, okay...not so much.

Moving on, Jason delivers a heartfelt speech before handing out the final two roses. The first rose goes to Melissa, confirming my suspicions that she's definitely on track to get that ring. And then the final rose goes to Molly, meaning that yes, it is in fact Jillian who will be going home this week.

Jason walks Jillian out and tells her that although he cares for her, their lives are too different and also that he didn't feel the "and more" in addition to the "best friend" feelings. It is a tortuous, sad goodbye, with lots of tears and emotion. And it's not just Jillian shedding the tears. As she drives away, Jason breaks down himself. This show is definitely cruel and twisted.

So, there it is, the final two girls are Molly and Melissa, but before we can find out who he picks, next week we have a reaunion show, to find out ome behind the scenes information, some dirt from the women he didn't choose.

Then in two weeks we'll find out which girl will be the one Jason chooses for his wife. But before that can happen, DeAnna shows up to stir things up. The dramatic return of the girl who broke Jason's heart is sure to bring out all sorts of emotions...I told you, this show is CRUEL and twisted...


Beckie said...

It kind of irks me how ABC is dragging the Deanna thing out. Every week they make it seem like THAT is the week she is showing up. I guess I can't blame them for marketing, but geez.

I think he is going to pick Melissa - at least I hope he does.

Pamela said...

I've been t-d off at them for showing Deanna every week, too.

So, I think he's going to break the M&M's heart and walk off with Deanna, who we know is now really into snow boarding (which is some kind of torture, isn't it? ha)

Karina said...

Beckie, I to agree with you, this stupid DeAnna thing has been so annoying. At one point I even thought I'd missed an episode, because it couldn't possibly have taken this long for them to show her episode could it? Guess so!

I too hope he picks Melissa, I thinks she's great for him.

Pamela, I sure hope you are wrong about Deanna, but then, I wouldn't be completely shocked if he did...oooh, he better not!