Monday, February 02, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - Going to Seattle

There are five women left, and they're going to Jason's hometown in Seattle for two one-on-one dates, and a group date.

The ladies pack up and head out to see where Jason is from. Jason, on the other hand, is going to spend some quality time with his son Ty.

Jillian, Stephanie, Mellisa, Molly and Naomi are staying in a fancy hotel suite. Melissa is told she gets the first date of the week, a one on one with Jason. She's all excited for a night out on the town, all dressed up and ready to go. But Ty has different plans, he doesn't want his dad to leave him. So, change of plans, Melissa head's over to Jason's house to hang out for a night in, instead. She doesn't even hesitate, accepts the change, and even cleans up after the boys when she gets to the house.

Once Jason has managed to put Ty to sleep, he finally joins Melissa. Jason doesn't want any of the girls to meet his son yet, but he lets Melissa "peak in" and watch him sleep.

Meanwhile, the other four girls are freaking out because they are all jealous that Melissa is on the ONE date they all really want to experience. The laid back, at home, with his son there, date.

Stephanie, Jillian and Molly will be going on the group date next. On their date, Jason takes them on a bit of a tour of Seattle by boat. He pulls Stephanie aside for a chat, and I still don't "see" it. They have the "kid" thing in common, but, I just don't see it. I don't know...

After the boat ride, Jason takes the girls to a radio station, to appear on a radio show. Jason is on the radio, the girls are in a soundproof studio, able to see, but not hear. Meanwhile, Melissa and Naomi are listening back at the hotel.

Jason is blindfolded and kisses all three girls to figure out who is who, and he nails that piece. Then the girls are asked what their "bedroom style" is and a few othe random questions before the radio show is over, and the girls are taken out to dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Then it is time for Jillian to have her one on one chat with Jason. For the first time, probably, Jillian really shares her heart and gets all serious.

And then Molly gets her one on one time as well, and they go for a walk and have a nice chat about family.

Finally, it is time for Naomi's one on one date. They are taking a flight over Seattle on a little seaplane. After their flight, the two go rock climbing. And then it is time for a romantic indoor picnic of fondue and getting to know each other some more.

And that pretty much concludes date time in Seattle. Jason hen has to decide which girl he'll be sending home at th rose ceremony, so he drops in on the girls, to chat with the girls a little further. He wants to chat with Jillian and make sure he's not about to get his heart broken again. He feels that if there is a girl that could break his heart, she is that one. I feel that their one on one showed a different side of Jillian, one that may just be ready for the serious nature of the relationship he's looking for. Just maybe.

And then it is decision time and Jason is nowhere near ready to make the decision about which girl is going home. But a decision must be made, and finally, it is time for the rose ceremony.

The four girls who will receive roses tonight, will be taking Jason home to meet their families in their hometowns. But Jason is known for breaking the rules, and he pulls Naomi aside to chat with her before the scratch that...AT the ceremony. He needs to know if she feels "ready" for the life he has. And then they go back in and it is time for his decision.

So, the first rose goes to Jillian, the next to Melissa, the third to Molly, and with one rose left, who will it be? Naomi or Stephanie? And the shocker is that he gives the rose to Naomi, sending Stephanie, the single mom, home. But not before he breaks down telling her why he is sending her home. And EVERYONE is crying, Stephanie, Jason, the's tears all around.

But Jason just doesn't "feel" it, the spark just isn't there...I called it, y'all...I just didn't see it.

And that's it for this week folks...four girls left, what will happen next week? And is this the week DeAnna will show up to stir things up? Stay tuned...


Rebecca said...

Woah, I was so totally lost for a minute... But this is about a tv show?

Karina said...

Frigga, LOL, yes, I guess I should have been more specific...yes, a tv Sorry girl. ;-)

Pamela said...

I called it -- minutes before he chose naomi. I had a lot of questions about that radio thing in seattle. Apparently it was okay for the radio to broadcast, months in advance, who the final girls were?

Hubby and I felt like the last five girls here seemed to be a much tighter knit group than any of the others in the past. They seem to like each other - and have a high regard for each other.

What do you think? (or maybe you haven't watched enough of them to compare?)