Tuesday, October 02, 2007

200 things about me- Part 2

I'm finally feeling better. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes yesterday...I wound up going home early from work and sleeping most of the afternoon and night away...with interruptions only for bouts of coughing. Anyway, I still have a cough today, but overall am feeling much better...so let's get on with the 200 Things About Me posts I've promised. Here are The next 50: (You can read the first 50 here).

51. I have had the good, the bad, and the ugly of jobs in my life. I'm glad at I'm at a "good" one right now.

52. My first job ever was the same as most teenage girls, I babysat. I babysat a little girl who's name I can't remember, but I remember her parents were named Robert and Roberta...

53. I also babysat Damian himself. A next door neighbor who was so wild that it's a wonder he didn't kill himself or anyone else during his childhood. Seriously, he was out of control.

54. I have since found out that Damian had entered the Army and is now an upstanding member of society, doing fairly well for himself. I'm glad to hear that, I always thought he'd end up in jail for arson.

55. Damian's father hired me one summer to help "clean" his house. I spent the better part of three months trying to find the floor in his office, which was buried under about 4 feet of paperwork. I never did reach ground level.

56. He was a college professor, a freakin' genius, but eccentric is putting it mildly. Still, I liked the guy.

57. My first real job, where taxes were actually taken out, was at McDonald's.

58. My boss at McDonald's was a little rat guy who everyone hated, but since he worked days and us "high school" kids worked nights, we didn't have to deal with him that much. We had a lot of fun working there.

59. After McDonald's I got a job working for a record store called Coconuts Music and Movies. I was a shift manager, and really enjoyed the perks of that job.

60. My cd collection is upwards of 500 cd's, but most of those are from all those years ago when I worked at the music store. Record label reps gave me a lot of free music while I worked there.

61. I quit that job when I found out my manager (another rat like little bastard) was keeping from his employees the truth that the store would be closing in a few weeks, and they'd all be out of a job. He had a bunch of college kids trying to pay tuition working for him, and I felt this was inconsiderate, so I told him to take my job and shove it.

62. That was the only time in my life that I quit a job without another job lined up.

63. The very next day I walked around the mall asking for applications and was hired on the spot at a book store.

64. I loved my job as shift supervisor at the bookstore, and boy, those perks were even better for a book lover like me.

65. My manager at the bookstore, is, to this day, one of my favorite bosses ever.

66. I kept that job through college, while working work-study jobs, and temp jobs during the summers.

67. One of my temp jobs was for a company that "scored" standardized tests for elementary and high schools throughout the country. Our job was to sit and read the responses to the "essay" portions of these tests and give them a "grade" based on a scale.

68. Besides being boring as hell, this was one of the most depressing jobs I ever held, because it was trully sad to see how undereducated some parts of our country are. When you can't distinguish a 9th grader's essay from a first grader's essay, you know something isn't quite right.

69. When the bookstore I worked for went out of business, I got a part time job at a lawfirm in Boston,where I was promissed a full time position upon graduation.

70. I worked at that firm for about 2 years after graduation, doing a semi-paralegal, but mostly "office manager" type job.

71. There was a whole lot of controversy with that firm when half the lawyers and paralegals up and left in the middle of the night one night, taking their case files with them, and opening up a new firm.

72. I was not in that department, and was therefore, left behind. However, the day I came in to discover everyone had flown the coop, was also the day I was coming in to give my notice, because I had gotten a new job.

73. My boss at that firm was the coolest guy ever, and I've used him as a reference for every job I've had since. He keeps asking me to come back and work for him.

74. My next job was as a paralegal in a firm that represented mostly landlords and property management companies, and we handled all their eviction work.

75. Horrible as it sounds, I loved that job. Evicting people isn't so bad when you realize that their share of subsidized rent is about $8 a month, and they'd rather spend that on getting their nails done or buying designer jeans.

76. I had great relationships with our clients, and enjoyed how much responsibility this job offered me. But my boss was crazy with a capital C...she once threw a stapler across the room, missing me by mere inches because there were no staples in it.

77. I lasted at that job for about 3 years before I realized that if I stayed any longer I was going to go crazy myself, so I quit.

78. My next job was as a paralegal and yet another Boston firm, but nothing very exciting ever happened at that job. I was mostly a glorified file clerk. A very overpaid, glorified file clerk.

79. I left that job both because I was bored silly, and because I didn't want to work in Boston anymore. That's when I came to "The Firm".

80. At one point, about 2 years ago, The Firm almost went under, and more than half our work-force was laid off. If you haven't noticed, I've closed down 3 business already, and was afraid my curse had followed me here. (The music store, the book store, and the firm where half flew the coop). But thankfully, we're still here.

81. I also had a direct sales job for about 3 years, working for The Body Shop at Home. I really loved that job, but quit a few years back, because I just don't have the networking capabilities needed for something like that anymore.

82. Now that I've completely bored you with my employment history, let's talk about something more fun. How about boys?

83. I was a late bloomer, not having my first boyfriend or kiss until I was in high school.

84. High school was tough for me, in a lot of ways, including "boys", but now that I look back on it I realize I actually had more fun than I realized I was having at the time.

85. I think I bloomed fully when I arrived in college, and was pretty popular with the guys all through that time.

86. I would honestly say I've been in love with three men in my life, although I think only one of them REALLY loved me back. Well, maybe two...maybe not.

87. I have now been single for at least four years. And by single I mean I could probably count the number of dates I've been on in that time on the fingers of one hand.

88. I don't have a problem with that.

89. After my last break-up, I needed some time to focus on myself, and on becoming a better version of me, so I took what I called at the time a "self-imposed dating hiatus".

90. I didn't expect the hiatus to turn into a cancellation.

91. Life in the last few years has been wonderful to me, and I've rarely missed the drama that comes with dating and relationships.

92. But sometimes, I do.

93. The only regret I have about not being married yet, is that I really wanted to be a mother by the age of 30.

94. I wasn't ready to be a mother at 30.

95. I do hope to get married one day, and am ready to allow that whole dating drama to enter my life again...maybe.

96. I now say I want to be a mother by the age of 35.

97. I don't think I'll be ready to be a mother at 35 either.

98. But if I am, and I'm still single, I have every intention of seriously looking into adoption options. I've always wanted to adopt a child.

99. Even if I'm married and have kids of my own, I will adopt a child. It's something I've always known I would do one day.

100. In the meantime, I love playing with other people's kids. And the best part is, you can give them back when diapers need changing, or scoldings need giving.

Stay tuned for Part 3, sometime tomorrow...


Julia Phillips Smith said...

I'm glad you feel you'd like to adopt, whether you're married, single, ready to be a mother, not ready to be a mother... somewhere your child will find you!

Until then, you should find your best shoes, slip on an evening gown and hurry over to the red carpet event at my blog. There's paparazzi everywhere, but you can sneak in the side entrance.

Anonymous said...

You sound like you are doing really well... I admire you...

qualcosa di bello said...

lots of fun stuff in there...all those crazy job scenarios!

on the serious side...i applaud your openness to adopting...i was adopted & have also considered adopting a sibling pair (we have 4 children)

Literary Feline said...

It's definitely good to be in a job you enjoy. I've had my share of bad ones too over the years.

Rebecca said...

Wow, I'm glad you've broken that curse, with the jobs that is. :-)

Also, I finally posted the result of my TT13 Q's about Favorites. :P