Friday, October 26, 2007

Follow-Up Friday

It's been a busy week for me. Not only have I been a bit overwhelmed at work, but I'm hosting a small party this weekend, I've signed up to host Fun Monday next week, and NaBoPloMo and NaNoWriMo both begin next week, so I've been trying to gear myself up for that. OOOH boy, what was I thinking?

So, before things get completely nuts and out of control, a little bit of catch up.

Let's start with the Comcast situation, only because I never did provide a conclusion to the whole fiasco. It was Friday at 6PM (one FULL WEEK later) when I finally had my service re-instated. At that point I'd already pretty much resorted myself to the fact that I was going to go without a home phone. I'd done all the fighting I could do with Comcast on the phone, and I was tired, done, beaten. The phone is now working, and I'm too tired of the whole situation to fight their lack of customer service any further...they win this battle, but I did walk away with a $35 credit at least. However, I'm still telling anyone who will listen that COMCAST SUCKS...thank you, good night.

Also, a quick LawBoy non-update. It has now been three weeks (boy does time fly) since the weird "phone call/plan to make plans" thing, and on Wednesday evening of this week, at around 7:30PM I received the following text message: "Hi, How are you?". I have not replied. I can't be bothered at this point.

Moving on to following up on your comments this week:

Fun Monday this week was a fun trip through my t-shirt collection. It seems my "Hell on Heels" t-shirt was a favorite amongst many, it is one of my favorites too, I think I'll wear it this weekend! Hootin' Anni had her Rockies t's up, while I had my Red Sox ones on display...I'm not saying anything Anni...just uh...GO SOX. Oh, and that goes for you too Swampy! ;-) Frigga wanted to know if I really have a "Care Bears" t-shirt. I really do, but I REALLY can't find it. I'll locate it one of these days, and I promise pictures!

OH, and Junebug, I was going to tell you that I'd come visit later and tell you how to add the Meez to your sidebar, but I just visited and it appears you figured it out! Nice, she's rockin'!

Susan commented that the fact that I put my t's into categories gave a glimpse into how my mind works...damn, it is that obvious? I have never been diagnosed as such, but I definitely have some OCD tendencies. I like groups and lists and organization a bit too much.

OH, and Robin, thanks for directing me to that list on your blog of previous Fun Monday hosts and topics. I think it's great that you have that list there! It was very helpful.

Which brings me to the fact that I volunteered to host next week's Fun Monday. If you haven't already done so, please sign up here if you'd like to join in the fun.

On Tuesday I finally accepted and acknowledged some Blogging Awards I've been granted. And then passed them off to just a few of my favorite bloggers. If you missed this post, please stop by to find out about some great bloggers.

My Wordless Wednesday was a fun one. I loved finding a marriage proposal among the thousands and thousands of carved pumpkins at the Pumpkin Fest I attended last week, and just knew it was another one of those "blogger" moments. "I have to share this on my blog" was my immediate reaction.

I also posted some Movie Reviews on Wednesday. Don't worry, no spoilers here, and there are really no spoilers in the reviews either...nothing you wouldn't find out by reading the back of the DVD box anyway. Lissa, I totally agree with you that I didn't think Kate Bosworth was the best choice for Lois Lane, she was probably my least favorite character in the film. Julia, I totally agree with your assessment of James Marsden's character being a stand up guy, added a nice twist to the mix.

And my Thursday Thirteen yesterday was just an excuse to show off some more of my pictures taken last Saturday up north, on our way to the Pumpkin Fest (and while there). I'm really happy with how some of these pictures came out, so I was happy to share them.

And that was the week for me. I'm dragging a bit today after having stayed up WAY too late the past two evening watching the Red Sox beat the Rockies. And tonight I have to clean my house, and tomorrow I have some cooking and baking to do, as I have a few of my girlfriends coming over for a little get together. What was supposed to be a fun little party has actually turned into the source of some aggravation for me, because it seems quite a few people have lost the etiquette of the RSVP, so until two days ago, I didn't even know how many people were coming. This leaves me with the shopping for food and drinks to be done tonight or tomorrow. GREAT fun. Still, I love having people over, so I'll get over my annoyance by the time everyone shows up.

I'm going to take the weekend off blogging, so I can properly host Fun Monday next week, and then get ready to tackle NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo...deep breaths...


Rebecca said...

Parties!!! I love planning and hosting parties - have fun! (And yes, part of the fun is the stress ;-0

Jannis said...

Take pictures of your party por favor!

ANA said...

all the best with fun monday...I've signed up for nablopomo too *gasp*...not quite sure how I'll manage posting every single day, specially coz I am in between changing cities....

Robin M said...

Great update post. I have signed up for nanowrimo also and getting all my outlines written up. After two weeks of mentioning to my hubby that would be doing this, it finally sank through his electronic's fogged head and he asked me what it was about. Yeah - a breakthrough. He has been listening. LOL!

Have a fun weekend! Looking forward to fun monday.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Wicked H said...

Enjoy your party!!!

Can't wait to hear all about it!

qualcosa di bello said...

i hope you are having a fab weekend...wearing all your great shoes (i know this may require a change every minute or two!) & mixing up some awesome martinis (hoping for recipes/ideas this week!)...

good for you, ignorning mr. smartypants-lawboy...let him stew in his own juices whilst you are partying!!

& because this is my catch-up-read after a very crazy week...i must say that i love that pumpkin-carved marriage very clever was that person. love your fall into fall photos of that day!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I'm late getting to your TT - heading over now.