Sunday, October 07, 2007

How Martha Stewart of me!!!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am SO not susie homemaker. I love my condo, and I keep it neat and well organized most of the time. I also take great pride in the job I did with decorating it. That said, I'm not much for arts and crafts and all that stuff. At least, I didnt' use to be.

However, lately I find myself doing more and more of these types of things. Yesterday for example was one such day. See, a while ago my mom gave me a little offshoot from one of her plants. This had been attempted before, but another thing about me is that I seem to have a pretty black thumb, so most plants that enter my house, don't survive. But mom did give me a cactus plant a while back, and that one has managed to survive at least three years. And I have two bamboo plants that are each at least as old. So, I figured I was ready for another try.

However, to play it safe, dad decided that this time, my little "offshoot" would live at their house until it had taken for sure. So we waited. When it was sufficiently rooted and grown, I brought it home. I wish I had remembered to take a before picture, but alas, I did not.

Anyway, the pot my plant came in was already getting too small for the plant, so I needed to re-pot it. So, for the first time ever in my life I set out to buy a bigger pot, some potting soil, and all that stuff. I also realized my cactus plant had some new offshoots of its own, so I decided to repot those as well.

So, I was off:

This photo was taken after I'd already started the process, and remembered "OOH, I should totally blog about this"...haha

This was my end result:

The most recent plant mom gave me:

The cactus plant I've had for years now:

The new offshoots:

Aren't you proud of me?

Well, I figured that since I'd broken out my inner Martha Stewart I shouldn't stop there! A few weeks ago, I bought some black paint to repaint a picture frame for my bathroom wall. Looking around my living room yesterday I saw this:

It has always bothered me that the frames on this wall are so mismatched. What can't really be seen in this photo is that the middle photo was a reddish wood, not black as it appears. So, down came the frames, and out came the paint:

And then I figured I might as well update some of the pictures. This was my end result:

Now, doesn't that look much more uniform?
And just to make sure I don't put away my newly discovered inner Martha, today I'm heading to mom's house to create some strange crafty dolls made out of dried apples. What? Don't ask me, it's her idea, I'm just tagging along. I'll post photos later, I promise.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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