Wednesday, October 03, 2007

200 Things - Part 3

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And now, for the next 50 Things about Me. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 at these links.

101. Even though I have no children, about six years ago I started hearing the slight ticking of my biological clock.

102. I was waiting in line at a Dunkin' Donuts at the train station on my way to work one morning and walked by a sign for the Big Brother, Big Sister Organization.

103. I knew instantly that this was what I needed to do next with my life. I called that very afternoon.

104. Within weeks, after an extensive interview process and thorough background check, I was introduced to Lil' K, my little sister.

105. I fell instantly in love.

106. Lil' K was 8 years old, absolutely gorgeous and with dimples to die for. She was also extremely shy and a bit apprehensive.

107. After introductions were made, I took her to the mall for our first outing. It was her first time going to the mall.

108. By the end of that afternoon, we had formed a bond that goes beyond explanation.

109. In the last 6 years I've seen Lil' K turn from a little girl into a young woman. She is now 14 and has started highschool.

110. I am ridiculously proud of her, and love her as if she was my own child.

111. Although I'm glad I've been able to provide her with experiences she'd never have had, trips she'd never have taken, culture she'd never have been exposed to, and so many other things, I'm even more grateful for all that she's given me.

112. It is because of Lil' K that I have no doubt I will be a good mom one day, and look forward to that opportunity.

113. It is also because of Lil' K that I'm glad I'm not a mom to a teenage girl yet. Boy is that a tough age to discipline!

114. We're getting serious again, let's go back to more fun topics. Let's talk about my "vices".

115. I'm a self-proclaimed shopaholic.

116. I don't have a problem with that.

117. I have a serious love of fashion, and own more clothing than any one woman really needs.

118. And yet, I probably wear 95% of all the clothing I own.

119. The other 5% is probably my work-out gear.

120. As evidenced by my constant talking about it, I have a very serious addiction to shoes.

121. Again, I don't have a problem with that.

122. I quite honestly own at least 75 pairs of shoes. I started the summer at 69, but have bought quite a few throughout the summer, and have given away a couple more pairs, so once again, I have lost count.

123. Although I own so many shoes, I don't spend a lot of money on my shoes. My most expensive pair cost me around $60, and I still regret spending that much.

124. More than being a shopaholic, I am the epidimy of a bargain hunter.

125. If it's not on sale, it is most likely not being purchased. I will step away from it, and only come back for something full price if I absolutely cannot get it out of my mind for a week or two.

126. Barely a weekend goes by when I don't go shopping, even if I buy nothing. For me shopping is a sport, and I take true pleasure in browsing.

127. As much as I shop, I am incredibly good with managing my money, and never buy anything I cannot afford.

128. I've always been proud of the decisions I've made for myself financially.

129. Shortly after college, I began looking into renting an apartment with a friend. I decided that I didn't want to waste my money on rent, and chose to stay home with my parents instead, and save.

130. I lived at home until the month before I turned 28 years old.

131. I don't have a problem with that.

132. I saved enough for a down payment, and bought my own condo, all by myself, at the age of 28.

133. I've had some tight times financially since buying the condo, but I've always managed to handle it on my own, and of that, I'm extremely proud.

134. I absolutely love living on my own, and wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

135. I love the home I've created for myself, and still get a great sense of pride and comfort every time I turn the lock and walk in.

136. I've spent a lot of time alone in the last 4 years, but I've rarely felt lonely.

137. I've learned to appreciate my own company, and the ability I have to entertain myself with my many interests.

138. Living alone, has however, given way to a serious addiction to television.

139. I've always been a fan of tv and all things pop culture, but I now seriously am a tv addict.

140. I'm grateful to Tivo for giving me the freedom to be an addict, but to be able to record things, so that I can indulge my vice in my down time.

141. I'm also seriously addicted to trying new foods and cuisines and learning all there is to know about exotic and original flavors.

142. I don't cook very often, because I don't find it that much fun to cook for one, but I do love to cook.

143. I think I'm a pretty good cook, having inherited my mother's ability to just throw things together and have them come out tasting great.

144. I'm not a heavy drinker by any means, but have developed an interest in expirimenting with martini flavors and have a lot of fun creating new drinks.

145. I took a bartending course a few years ago, but have never attempted to actually get a job as a bartender.

146. I think I would have a lot of fun as a bartender, if I ever needed a second job.

147. As much as I enjoy my solitude and alone time, I am absolutely a people person and love to be surrounded by people.

148. I am the biggest flirt you will meet, and I will flirt with anyone from babies to old ladies. To me flirting is simply about talking to people, and showing an interest in them.

149. Lately, I'm not so good with the flirting with members of the opposite sex thing, but I'm working on feeling more comfortable doing that again.

150. Contrary to popular belief, the fact that I've chosen to not date for such a long time does not mean I don't like men...I absolutely find them the most fascinating creatures and have always loved being around them.

The last 50 of the 200 things will be posted sometime tomorrow...stay tuned!


Beckie said...

Wow! I think you need to start dating more often. I can't wait to hear the stories!

Anonymous said...

I can remember being out at a club one night when the patrons were just too out of control...the bartender (who was a friend) just rolled his eyes and said "and they call this a glamourous job?"

Then again, I did marry a bartender...

Rebecca said...

Eak - I've missed part 2 and you're already on 3!?!?!! Okay, I'll be back to spend some time to read :P

qualcosa di bello said...

this post had me all over the place...i was almost tearing up reading about lil'K...then the next minute i am bursting out with laughter over the "shopping as a sport" thing...then i'm feeling a real "wow" for your independence....followed by another gale of laughter over the "I'm grateful to Tivo for giving me the freedom to be an addict"...& the shoes ~ i hear ya!!

Literary Feline said...

I think it's wonderful that you became a Big Sister and have had such a positive experience with your little sister. Not many people want to take the time to mentor a child. It takes a special person.

Rebecca said...

I so wish I could afford to buy a house when I'm 28. If I move back in with my parents I could probably pull it off - but then I'd be living with my parents. I don't think they'd let me ;-0

I'm curious, what motivated you to go to bartending school if you never intended on becoming a bartender?