Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo Hunt #17 - Free for all

This week, there is no Photo Hunter theme. We were told to share any photo we want. So, I dug through my photos and found a set of shots I took back in the fall that I've never shared here. I really like these, you go:

Happy Hunting! I'm off to feed the poor.


Unknown said...

If our trees don't get leaves soon we won't get to have such a pretty fall. I love your yellow trees!

Anonymous said...

Now that trees are starting to turn green it's hard to recall what it was like when they were all brilliant yellow and orange.

 gmirage said...

The wonders of nature! Lovely colors!

Anonymous said...

lovely!theyre soothing to look at :)



-tnchick- said...

If there was only one reason everyone should love the seasons - it's this - the beauty of them. Nice shots.