Monday, March 02, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - Will You Marry Me?

Well, here it is, this is it, the final episode of The Bachelor, the one where Jason will choose his future bride.

Will it be Molly or Melissa? Or will DeAnna, who is finally showing up after we've been teased about her appearance sind episode one, come in and steal him away?

Who will it be?

Before he makes his final decision, the girls will get to meet Jason son Ty, and the rest of his family.

First up is Melissa, who is nervous and excited to meet Ty. They hit it off instantly and I really think the three of them make an adorable family. And then it's time for Melissa to meet the rest of the family.

I think she won them all over. Jason's family is protective and guarded after the whole DeAnna fiasco, and the fact that Jason hasn't met Melissa's parents has them all feeling uncertain, but it's hard not to fall in love with Melissa. She's a sweet, charming, down to earth and real girl. And the two of them really are great together.

But then it is Molly's turn to meet Ty. It takes Ty a little bit to warm up to Molly, but once he does, the three of them also have a great day, and it also seems natural and comfortable. Another potentially great little family.

But first, Molly needs to meet the rest of Jason's family. Once again, Jason's family grills his "potential" future wife. And once again, the girl delivers. Molly impresses the family with her level head and straight shooting.

It is obvious that Jason feels strongly for both of these women, and we can see what a tough decision he's got ahead of him.

Jason and Melissa have one final date, and before this date, Melissa talks to her parents, who agree to speak with Jason on the phone, taking down that one last doubt Jason's been holding on to. They have a fun, sweet and romantic last date, and from where I sit, I can't imagine any reason why Jason wouldn't pick her.

But then there's Molly, and they too still have one final date. On their date Molly treats Jason to a massage, and a homecooked meal. She takes the opportunity to tell Jason once again that she is in love with him, and to give him a "fairy tale" scrapbook of their experience together. It is a really sweet gesture, and Molly is a great girl, and probably a good match for Jason as well. I think something is lacking there when you see Jason look at her...

But, as if that wasn't enough...It's DeAnna's turn to show up and mess with his mind a bit. But after all that hype? LAME! LAME LAME LAME!!! She came on the show to give him advice? Advice from her?? Yeah, because that worked out well for her right? LAME! One full season of "teasers" and in less than 3 minutes her segment is done and over and...lame.

So, it is back to Jason deciding between the two girls Molly or Melissa, which one will it be?

He keeps saying that he still doesn't know which girl he's going to pick, but yet, he's picking out an engagement ring. Here's where I'm thinking that perhaps, just maybe, if you can't make up your mind between two're not quite ready to propose?

But, the truth is, he already knows. I think it's obvious in the words he uses to describe both women that he knows which one he wants to be with. But then, I could be totally wrong, after all, I was sure last season that DeAnna was going to pick Jason and boy, was I wrong!

Finally, the first limo pulls up and out steps she on her way to get the ring, or to get her heart broken? Seeing as she's up first, we're led to believe, from previous seasons that Jason has not chosen her. And he has not. It is actually really sad and little heart breaking to watch Jason tell Molly she's not the one, that he's in love with someone else. but her reaction, telling him "I think you've made a mistake, a big one" actually put me off her a little bit. It was the same thing that never let me warm up to her as a choice for him. On paper, she's great, but Jason is more of an emotional person, and they just didn't mesh in that regard. I believe they both cared about each other, and Jason's tears once he let her go sure looked real and gut-wrenchingly painful, but I think he picked the right girl out of the two.

And speaking of the right girl, it's time for Melissa to step out of her limo and find out her fate.

She is visibly shaken as she walks up to Jason, and when he tells her he loves her she jumps up and down and screams and is just absolutely adorable. Really, this is a fairly tale ending, isn't it? They are so freakin' cute together, aren't they?

But before I sign off with my Bachelor recaps for the season, we jump straight into "After the Final Rose", the reunion show. And we've been told that this will be the most dramatic after the rose ceremony EVER...lots of suspense, lots of drama, what in the world are we about to be thrown into?

It's been six weeks since the final rose ceremony and Jason steps up on stage with tears in his eyes. He's there to tell us that the chemistry with Melissa is gone and that he can't stop thinking about Molly.

WOW, didn't see that one coming. But I guess Molly did, she told him he was making a big mistake.

So, Jason is going to break up with Melissa on this's only fitting that they would fall in love on a show, so they'd break up on the show as well. But now, not only is he planning on breaking up with her, he's planning on asking Molly for a second chance.

A little bit of that "cake and eat it too" scenario, no? And I thought DeAnna was a mess.

So, Melissa comes out and you can see she knows what's coming, there's no warmth between these two. She is angry, and there is some serious unresolved issues between them. Jason has obviously already made up his mind that it's over between them, and Melissa is mad that he's not willing to fight for them. And I have tell you, I agree with her. He's just completely coming across as just wishy washy. It's too hard, so I'm going to try with the other girl now.

I didn't think Jason had this in him, I'm highly disappointed. That was one UGLY goodbye. "Don't call me, don't text me anymore, leave me alone..." Ouch. Poor Melissa. I felt bad for Jason at the end of last season, and at the end of this one? I'm kind of mad at him as well. How do you break up with the person you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with and in the same breath say you want another chance with someone else?

In the meantime, Molly comes out, and fesses up that she is still in love with Jason, so does this mean he'll get his second chance? She flat out tells us that all she wants is to hear him say "I made a mistake, I want you back"...oh, what a twisted twisted show this is...

Jason comes out and Molly has all the same questions for him that he asked DeAnna last season..."when did you know?" So, Jason spills all. And the look on Molly's face is priceless. Her reaction couldn't have been scripted any better in the best Oscar winning movie performance.

Molly is speechless, but agrees that after some serious discussions and larger conversations, then yes, maybe they can see where things can go. And then they kiss...really?

What a croc this whole thing has been. What a slap in the face for poor Melissa. what a joke. No wonder I never watched this stupid show before.

But wait there's more...tomorrow night there's a "part two" of the Bachelor, After the Final Rose. Really?

UGH...I'm done. Of course, this means that either Jillian or Melissa will be next season's Bachelorette, doesn't it?

I'm dying to know what you all have to say, so please, share your thoughts with me in comments....


Pamela said...

I don't know why none of it shocked me. After the seventy trillinth time he said "Amazing" - I wanted to send him a thesaurus.

I think they all had a script tonight. I can't imagine what they can do tomorrow night to make it any better. whew.

Anonymous said...

that's precisely the reason I dont watch it. But I do like to hear your take on it...