Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Lent

If you've read my blog for a while, then you know that I've been exploring my faith for the last few years.

I am a Christian (Catholic), and until recently, I wasn't really sure what that meant. So, in the last year or two, I've been exploring, learning, taking the time to reflect, educate, and really understand what any of this means to me.

I've come a long way, and I have miles and miles to go...

So, at a time such as this, at Lent, I find myself wanting to explore further.

I've never been a fan of the whole "I'm giving up chocolate, soda, coffee, gum for lent" thing. I've never understood how "giving up" something like that meant anything. And then, constantly talking about how you "can't have" this thing, throughout the 40 days, OH THIS HUGE SACRIFICE I sort of misses the point, doesn't it?

So, a few years ago, I began "giving" instead of "giving up". I began making an effort to go above and beyond, do good deeds, give of myself, focus on others more during this time.

I always try to live my life this way anyway, but during the time of Lent, I make it a conscious effort, I pay closer attention.

I will be doing that again this year. Quietly. After this post, I will not be commenting on my efforts any further, I will keep this one between me and "my God".

This year, I'm adding another thing I'll be doing for Lent as well. This one under the "sacrificing" something to take time to reflect some more.

I spend A LOT of time online, and in front of the television in the evenings during the week. And due to that, I go to bed later and later each night.

And I find myself not dedicating the time I need to sleep, and to prayer.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

So, for Lent, I'm packing it in earlier. I'm shutting all electronics off at 10:30PM (trust me, that's early for me), and taking that extra time to pray, and to sleep.

I'm hoping to even dial it back to 10PM as the month moves on.

Who knows, maybe I can even create a bedtime habit that I can keep up for the long term.


Nicole said...

I thought the point of lent wasn't to give up something stupid like gum, but to give up something that you really enjoy, like chocolate :p Seriously though, as a lapsed catholic, I always thought the concept of lent was sacrifice and punishment, which didn't seem like something the God I would want to worship would want of me. (guess thats why I am lapsed).

PBNJM said...

Sacrifice not punishment. More of sacrifice so that you can understand what it's like to want/such as a fast so you make more space for prayer.