Monday, February 01, 2010

popinjay - Photochallenge - GUILTY

The word this week is GUILTY. I knew right away what I wanted to do with this prompt, and it was the first time since I started this challenge that I actually "staged" my photo, and used the macro feature on my camera for this one.

I had a few other ideas for this prompt, but in the end, a guilty pleasure won out:

And yes, I did indeed have a bit of that was for the sake of art folks. And then, well, you know, once you've taken a bit, you can't just let it go to waste, can you?

The word next week is: BOLD.

Also, be sure to stop by MICHELLE'S to see what everyone else posted!


~michelle pendergrass said...

Today you are a temptress of the highest order.

Michele Lee said...

Mmm, what would it take to get you to share? LOL

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

MMMMmmm - what's in that chocolate?? (Not that it matters, but it enhances the appreciation of the photo...) ;0)