Friday, February 12, 2010

Only The Good Friday - Will I Be My Valentine Edition

It’s Friday, and time for another edition of Only The Good Friday, because…well because we REALLY need to spread some positivity out there these days.

I was going to call this the “anti-valentine’s day edition” but…well, that’s not very positive is it? So, instead you get the “talking to myself” edition.

Valentine’s Day is mere days away, and single people everyone are bemoaning the hallmark holiday designed solely to part lovers from their hard earned cash and singletons with their self respect. All across the nation pink puffy hearts and red roses invade every available store window, and television screen, and we, the single folk are left to fend for ourselves.

But I? I will not be victim to the notion that simply because I am without significant other, I’m any less significant. No siree. I will celebrate Valentine’s day in true single girl style. By choosing to not bemoan the holiday, and instead celebrating the benefits of not needing to participate.

Look at all the benefits: I don’t have to struggle to find the perfect gift, I don’t have to battle the masses for a table at a restaurant, I don’t even have to shave my legs if I don’t want to. BEAT THAT!

Besides focusing on only the good aspects of being single on Valentine’s day, on this Only The Good Friday, I’d like to share with you a few other “good” things that are on my mind.

I’m having dinner with two of my college girlfriends tomorrow night. As much as we attempt to do it more often, with our busy schedules we usually manage only one, sometimes two dinners per year. Because of their infrequency, these dinners are something I look forward to so very much. With a few “facebook only” exceptions, these girls are pretty much the only friends from college I still speak with, and I adore them both. We will eat, we will drink, and we will chat for hours and hours…it will be so GOOD.

Monday is a holiday. I have no work. That is all. GOOD right?

I mentioned my new phone in my post last week.

I told you I would tell you more about it as I used it more. I still plan on doing a more in-depth review after I’ve played with it just a little bit longer. But for now, I tell you that I LOVE IT. Love the android platform. Love the touch screen. LOVE the additional keyboard (because I don’t much love typing on a
touch screen keyboard AT ALL). Love the apps.

And it is one of these apps that I want to focus on for OTGF.

I’m not sure if this app is available for blackberry, iphone or any of the other platforms out there, but I urge you to investigate.

Causeworld is a free app which you download to your phone, and it works with the GPS in your phone to find your location, and stores, restaurants, business where you are. Then as you enter these places of business, you “check in”. Those of you familiar with Foursquare know how it works already.

But here’s the really great piece. As you check in to these locations, you collect “Karma” points. And these Karma points can then be used to give donations to a variety of charitable causes. How fantastic is that?

The program is currently sponsored by CITI and Kraft, and they are the ones who put up the donations.

What a great, free, and easy way to donate money to a cause. Isn’t that so GOOD?

So, there you have it, my OTGF for today. Be sure to stop by Shelly’s to see what she’s got up her sleeve this week.

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