Monday, July 09, 2007

Everything but the kitchen sink

One of my fellow "She Who Bloggers", recently shared a fun project she had participated in at her blog Postcards From the Clouds. The idea, from is to empty out your pockets and scan the items, along with a portion of your face, and then to also include a description of the items.

I thought this sounded kind of fun, so I decided to join in, however, as most women will tell you, they don't really put pockets on about 90% of women's clothing (jeans and coats being the only exception pretty much), and as it is summer and I'm not wearing much of either, I decided to empty the pockets in my purse. Disclaimer: I carry a huge purse, so I did not scan all the items in my purse, I chose to only scan the things in actual "Pockets" within my purse.

The items are as follows:

-purple business card holder
-purple pen
-bottle of Victoria's Secret "endless love" perfume
-sample size "India Gardenia" perfume from The Body Shop
-sample size "Cool Water" perfume (are we sensing a perfume addiction here?
-betty boop tin which holds advil etc.
-trident splash gum
-eyeglass cleaner towellette
-my rio mp3player
-my cell phone (I'm badly in need of a new one)
-eye drops (I have very dry eyes)
-a ticket stub to "High School Musical" a recent performance I attended with my little sister (tickets given to me by my boss).

And that's about it...we won't even discuss how much more crap is in my purse not in "pockets"...can you find my face?


Literary Feline said...

Thanks for sharing!

I prefer small purses because I hate carrying a lot of stuff around. The problem with small purses though is that books do not fit in them. So, I go for the bigger purses now. And now I have a lot of stuff in my purse.

lissa said...

Also have a bunch of stuff in my bag that I carry everywhere.

I'm guessing purple is your favorite color?