Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun Monday - Is it cold in here?

I'm back from my weekend trip to New York City and will have all kinds of goodies and tales to share, including an update on the situation with Lawboy (you know you want to know). Check back later in the week for that story and more.

In the meantime, the sun is out, I'm off work today, and mom's pool, and Harry Potter are calling my name.

So, I leave you with this week's Fun Monday. This week's fun Monday is being hosted by Amy W over at A Family Story. Her assignment:

We saw everyone's kitchen one week (just can't remember which week). Now I want to see INSIDE your refrigerator. And DO.NOT.CLEAN.IT.OUT. We want to see it in all its glory. However empty or full. And if you don't have a refrigerator? Show me your cooler, or whatever container you use to keep things nice and cool.

OOH, boy, my fridge is quite the mess after a weekend away...and I haven't quite figured out what article of food is stinking it up...that's a project for after the pool though...

In the meantime, here you go, my fridge fully exposed:

The outside features some artwork from my cousin's daughter, along with postcards, pictures, a birthday card my parents gave me that I love (yep from March), and random bits of things that make me smile.

My fridge is NEVER organized, but always full of condiments, sauces, salsas and the like:

Did I mention I'm a big fan of condiments and sauces and things?

The freezer is always pretty much jam packed, I spend a lot more time AWAY from home than I do at home, so frozen foods last longer and are safer for me to buy...however, note the empty shelves on the door to the freezer...need to hit the grocery store for my "lunch" foods sometime soon.

Well, there you have it, not too exciting, but it is what it is!

Don't forget to visit Amy's page (link up-top) to check out the other Fun Monday entrants.

I'm off to the pool!


Molly said...

Okay, here is a question, do condiments last forever? Some have expiration dates, and others do not. Just when is a good time to get rid of unused condiments?

Beccy said...

Wow, you have even more condiments than me!

MommaBoo said...


Reminds me of our fridge.

Lotsa "yummies", too!

Happy Fun Monday!

Have a good time at the pool with Harry (you lucky dawg!)

Tiggerlane said... are condiment-crazy!

I finished the Harry Potter book last week - couldn't have possibly asked for a better ending. Enjoy!

Beckie said...

I think you tie with me for condiment queen - we love sauces and condiments at our house. I am constantly throwing them away and buying more - go figure.

The pool sounds like a nice place to be today.

Hellya, I want an update on lawboy!!

Anonymous said...

I swear condiments breed like bunnies!

Anonymous said...

You're at the pool and here I sit looking in everyone's refrigerator ! What is wrong with that picture?

Julie said...

I'm jealous you got to spend the day at the pool! I love to buy sauces - I just never do anything with them!

Anonymous said...

Did I see a jumbo jar of olives? I love olives.
Enjoy your time at the pool.
Happy Harry Potter,

Anonymous said...

I'm late reading Fun Monday's so you're probably already out of the pool. Hope it was fun :o) I see what you mean about all the condiments LOL Too funny!

Pamela said...

the light in the last picture kind of has that "twilight zone" effect.

"You have just taken a detour through the refrigerator zone."