Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - The Hidden Beach

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MommaBoo said...

Where was this taken? I wanna go!

Thank you for sharing. I LOVE B & W'S.

Happy WW!

Karina said...

Just a quick thing about this shot...this was taken on a river bank in my hometown...what makes it such a great shot in my mind, however, was that it was taken on a beach that does not really exist. After 22 years of living in this area, this was the first time EVER that the river was so low that this beach was exposed, it is usually under water. It was quite an adventure to walk and explore this uncharted..."Hidden Beach".

The Rock Chick said...

WOW! Nature is very cool! She changes one thing all of a sudden and reveals something else entirely! Beautiful picture!

I have a special WW this week! It's a pic of my raffle prizes for this Saturday's Blogathon 2007! I hope you'll stop by and get yourself a raffle ticket!

Happy WW!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Anonymous said...


lissa said...

Nice image - great find - would like to see it in color also.

Rebecca said...

I really like this picture, and the story makes it just that much better. :-)

Karina said...

Jennie, you beat me to it...I was working on a comment to post about the picture, but was interrupted with a phone call, and when I came back...there you were! ;-) You're a quick one lady!

Jessica, it's true, nature can be amazing!!

Tegdirb, thanks!

Lissa, I actually have a few color shots...check back next week, I'll post some!

Frigga, thanks...yeah, the story is what makes the shots I took that day some of my favorites! I think I'll do a longer post with more photos next week from that day!

Anonymous said...

That really is a lovely shot. And, apparently, one of a kind! That makes it even better.