Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A little about She Who Blogs

I don't think I've ever actually discussed She Who Blogs and what this group and companion blog is all about, so let me take a moment to do that now.

It was in my daily browsing of various blogs through Thursday Thirteen about a month or so ago, that I came across a post by Frances in which she was talking about a new Yahoo Group she was hoping to start for women bloggers. Having had some wonderful luck with meeting some of my greatest friends on a yahoo group I founded myself over 7 years ago, I knew this was something I could not pass up...so I joined. The group is still in its infancy, and already we have a wonderful conglomerate of women each as unique as the next, each with their own individual and creative take on what blogging is all about.

I'm having a great time learning more about each of these women, and exploring their world through their blogs.

Frances, for example, has four active blogs...FOUR! There is BlogJem, her main blog, in which she shares tidbits of her life in NYC. She also has BlogForth, where she posts her creative (and very entertaining) efforts and entries into the Sunday Scribblings meme, Photostroll, where she shares her wonderful photography, and the Meme Section, which is...yep, you guessed it, where she posts all her meme participation. I enjoy perusing all four of her blogs, she has a creative spirit and it shows. She is also our fearless leader over at She Who Blogs, and doing a wonderful job with the group's own blog.

Next to join was Jessica from Hidden Willow. She delivers a pretty powerful message through her blog, and appears to lead a pretty busy life, dedicated to a wonderful cause.

Wicked H, over at Avert Your Eyes was next, and let me tell you, this lady cracks me up. She's quick with the wit, and always manages to make me smile when I visit her blog.

Sognatrice at Bleeding Espresso jumped in after as well. I believe she has the longest commute, being that she is living in Italy. Her tales of an American girl living abroad are always entertaining and never disappointing. And her pictures? To die for!

Then there is Joy at A Spot of T, who I just love. She truly is funny, and smart, and despite her protests to the contrary, a great and entertaining writer.

JennieBoo at OSOMOLOVE hopped on board next. She is just as sweet as can be, and a bubbly personality you just want to be friends with. I also think she's an amazingly strong individual, for all she's been through, and what a positive outlook she has about life. She's also very much in love with her hubby, and isn't afraid to say it, which I think is wonderful.

I came into the fold shortly after JennieBoo and am ever so glad I joined!

Sarafenix, or Princess Wild Cow, if you will, is yet another funny lady, who speaks her mind with abandon...really, you just have to visit and see for yourself, she's a riot I tell you!

Andrena is Getting a Grip on Grace over at her blog. I can't even begin to tell you how much I admire this lady and how amazing I think she is. She is currently en route to Nairobi, and I can't wait to read the tales of her travels.

Imbi, who blogs at Under the Willow, is yet another amazing lady! She has a beautifully designed website, with all kinds of goodies to explore. In her blog she shares her experiences as the mother of eight children, four of them autistic. I'm constantly in awe of these ladies.

We also have Debi, who uses her Space to document her life, as well as her current weight loss challenge, which by the way, she is kicking BUTT in!

Another member decided to Give it a Try , and she delights with tales of her family, and entertains with retelling of the "kid conversations" that happen at her house. Hilarious.

Sarah at Puss Reboots is next. Hers is both a personal blog and a book reviewing blog, and being an avid reader myself, I enjoy both aspects of her blog very much. She's also hosting a reading challenge this summer, which I had intentions of participating in, but...well...I'm a slacker. You should check it out though!

Then there is Lissa, who until recently was managing three blogs, but has cut it down to two. She showcases her wonderful photography, mostly of the clouds at Postcards from the Clouds, and her creative writing endeavors at Walk to the Left, Walk to the Right. Both are wonderful blogs, but her photos especially always leave me speechless in their beauty.

Susan shares her Slice of Life with us as well, and I just love her "Bit O' Life" picture entries. Life with her kids seems to be full of fun and adventure, and sure is fun to read all about.

I believe we have a few other new members as well, but I don't have links to their blogs yet. However, please visit our She Who Blogs main blog, and I'm sure you'll get to know all the ladies as they join. You won't regret it, they're all amazing, and I feel privileged to be a part of their group.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Aw, such sweet words! Thank you, thank you :)

MommaBoo said...

Your description of our blog is GREAT! Thanks for giving us all the "run down"!

And your sweet description is so nice. Thank you so much!

Have a Happy 4th and get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you just the sweetest! Thanks so much. And for the Rockin Girl Blogger to all the She Who Blogs gals. Love it. Now. I must go get caught up with all the new members who have joined She Who Blogs!!

Wicked H said...

It is entirely our pleasure! I am lucky to be in such company.

Have a great 4th!!

PixieDust said...

What an incredible group of women - and you are included! You ARE a Rockin' Girl Blogger! And your baby picture (two posts down) is just adorable. Your summer memories sound like bliss.

lissa said...

Just want to say thanks for mentioning me. You are so sweet!



pussreboots said...

Thank you for the mention! There's still plenty of time to join the Beach Blanket Bonanza. It's only 3 books and they can be short ones. :D

Beckie said...

This is a great post - thanks for including me!

pussreboots said...

Thank you for the lovely review. :)