Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Everybody's making changes - The Lawboy Chronicles

Let me start off by saying that I've made an executive decision, and have decided to retire this blog from the Wordless Wednesday meme. At least for now. I'm considering possibly picking it up at the Creative Karina blog instead, but for this week, I'll just be skipping it.

Instead, I give you the latest edition of the LawBoy Chronicles. For those unfamiliar with LawBoy, you can catch up here, here, here and here. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Okay, so, you've got the story now, right? So, from that point in October I received maybe two or three further text messages from him, a "Happy Thanksgiving", a "Merry Christmas" and the random "Hi, how are you". I replied to the holiday greetings with holiday greedings, I did not reply to the other messages. In all honesty, just couldn't strike up the motivation to do so. I'd pretty much decided that I was over it.

Fast forward to Sunday, December 30th around 7PM. I get the random "Hi, how are you", followed by "Any plans for New Year's?". I'm in the process of getting ready to head out with my cousins to the movies, so I reply with a quick "Fine, will just be chillin' with family on New Year's, you?"

He replies: "That's good, I don't know yet. Will be making some changes in 2008". Hmm...where have we heard that before? July wasn't it?

In the meantime I'm driving to the movies, and buying tickets, and choosing seats, so I don't reply for a while and receive another message from him: "When can I see you?"

Right. Well, the movie is about to start, so I don't reply, shut off my phone and focus on not jumping out of my skin while watching said movie. (I Am Legend, for the record, movie review to follow later this week).

After the movie, while driving home, my cousin PM and I have a small discussion about Lawboy's last text. Here's where I stand on it; I feel that just because you "THINK" you will "be making some changes in 2008" doesn't change a damn thing as far as I'm concerned. The way I'm looking at it, you can see me when you have gone and made those changes, taken a step back and made sure you're right with yourself. THEN, and only then, should you be thinking about stepping to me. This isn't going to be a "let me see her, see if there's anything there, and then if there is I can break things off, and if there isn't, well, then I don't have to" situation. This isn't and shouldn't be about me, after all, right? Not for him anyway.

So, once I get home I send him a text: "I don't know, when can you see me?" Thinking it'll start up the conversation as to what his situation is shaping up to be, or whatever. Not so much. Instead I get: "What are you doing next Saturday?"

That's not going to work for me folks. For starters, this "text flirting" has been cute and all, but if you want to ask me out on a date, at least have the courtesy to pick up the phone and use your VOICE to do it. And make your changes first, because me? I'm rapidly losing any inkling of interest, or curiosity, or whatever it was that had intrigued me in the beginning. Losing or...yeah, it may already be lost.

So I replied that I am busy next weekend, because I am. I don't know what I'm doing yet, but I'm sure something will come up, and I'm sure whatever it is will be far more interesting than being LawBoy's "inbetween" chick.

I'm ambivelent as to whether there will be future LawBoy updates. Anything is possible, and could actually still redeem himself, and then again, maybe not. Only time will tell. For the record, once I told him I was busy, I didn't hear back from him again.

Ah, good times, good times.


Rebecca said...

I think you may be better off without him. All that up and down before you even start dating, I don't even want to know the kinds of games he plays during a relationship!

Happy New Year!!! :-)

qualcosa di bello said...

i'm with frigga! & yes, an actual phone call with live voice might be a bit more civilized for a date request. a text-ask-out is just too wierd for me...

a very happy new year to you & yours!!

Karina said...

Frigga, yeah, I'm pretty much feeling the same way. As I've said in my previous posts, this was more fun and "good for my ego" than anything else. For a while I saw maybe some potential, but I wasn't even sure if we'd have "chemistry" as I haven't seen him in years. But with all the see-sawing he's done, I've really lost all interest, I think. And I can't help but feel that not only does it look like he plays games during a relationship, but I'm also finding him a bit spineless, afraid to break it off if he truly is that miserable, which, well...I'm not really turned on by that, you know? Know what you want and do it already.

QDB, yeah, I mean I'm not a "traditional" girl by any means, but text-asking-out is just a bit too techy even for me! ;-)

lissa said...

He sounds so indecisive, I think you should just forget about it and stop replying to his text messages.

I guess he doesn't read your blog or if he does he probably still would not have the guts to call you in person.