Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All The Boys - A Cougar, A Cheetah or a Puma?

Where do I start?

Yours trully has met a boy.

When I said this year that I would be venturing back into the dating world, I have to admit that I was afraid that after all this time "out of the game", I would no longer have any game left in me.

But ladies and gents? Candid K has got MAD game.

This past Saturday night my friend "The Disciple" invited me out for a night on the town with a few of her friends. With my birthday coming up, she thought we should get all dressed up and go dancing. It has been a very long time since I've been to a dance club, and it is definitely not the scene I plan on being a part of again, but, for a one night only engagment, I was game.

So, off I went Saturday afternoon in search of the perfect outfit for the evening because I had nothing to wear. Not only do I not have anyhing cute that fits me now that I've lost all this weight, but I got rid of all my "going out" clothes years ago.

After a long day of searching, I finally found the perfect little black dress. It accentuated all the right areas and was sexy as hell without being sleazy. I won't lie, dear readers, I felt pretty hot that night.

At the club we girls were pretty much the life of the party. The Disciple is one of those people with an immense amount of positive energy, and the type of person everyone wants to be around. Her energy is also quite contagious, so when you are with her, you also become the type of person everyone wants to be around. She brings out the best in you. What she brought out in me Saturday night was my youthful side. I felt like I was in my 20's again. We were dancing, having a great time, and getting all sorts of attention. Several guys were asking us to dance, and at one point a security guard approached us and told us "I cleared the stage for you girls to get up there".

So, what were we to do? Well of course we got up on that stage.

As I said, we were the life of the party.

And it was while I was up on that stage that I caught the eye of one particular guy. One particularly hot guy. He asked me to dance, and I saw no reason to say no.

After dancing for a bit, and chatting a bit over the loud music, he told me that he was going to let me get back to my girls, didn't want to disturb my "girl's night out", but wanted to get my phone number before I left. Then he asked me what I was drinking, and told me he was going to get me a drink.

A few minutes later, as I was again dancing with my girls, another security guard tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a drink. He motioned over to the side, where my guy was standing, and said "that's from him". He just lifted up his drink in acknowledgment but left me alone the rest of the evening.

He won major brownie points for that.

At the end of the evening he called me over again and said "I'm taking off, but really wanted to get your number". How could I say no?

Now, let me tell you this, I was just having fun, I did not expect him to actually call me, and besides that, I figured he was probably 21 years old at the most. My girl and I were totally laughing about it later.

Well, he id did end up sending me a text message later that night, as we were driving home, and we texted back and forth a little bit, then he told me to call or text him the next day. Oh, dating in the technology so wasn't like this the last time I was out there.

So, on Sunday night I sent him a quick text, and again we texted back and forth for a bit, but then I said he should just call me to make chatting easier, and he called right back. We ended up being on the phone for nearly an hour.

I finally did ask him how old he was, because, let's be honest, I was dying to know.

I had mentioned, by the way, in the club to him that I was a lot older than he thought I was, and he'd said "well, you don't look it, and I don't care", and that sort of ended that conversation...Who am I to argue with that logic?

When I finally did ask him, however, and he responded with "25"...oh the laughter dear readers. I could do nothing but laugh.

Still laughing I said "oh wow, I'm so much older than you think I am". He replied with "I don't believe that"

So I said "well then, I'll put you on the spot and ask old do you think I am?"
Him: "oh man, you really want me to answer that?"
Me: "yeah"
Him: "You promise you won't be offended?"
Me (knowing full well he was not going to come even close) "No, I won't".
Him: "there's no way you're older than...29?"
Me: Laughter again "oh man, what if I told you I was older than that?"
Him: "whatever, I like older, how old are you?"
Me: "I'm afraid to tell you now" still laughing
Him: "Just tell me"
Me: mumbling really fast "mybirthday'stuesdayi'mturning34"
Him: "that's hot" more laughter from me "wow, seriously? with that body? that's hot".

Candid K's self-confidence? Boosted up a notch or two right then and there.

So, the question remains, am I old enough to be a Cougar? What's the age group below that? A Cheetah? A Puma? What the hell am I getting myself into? What is it with me and younger guys anyway?

Still, I won't lie, the fact that a 25 year old thinks I'm hot is certainly good for my ego, and I'm not about to disregard him simply because of the age difference.

The fact that he's got me giggling like a silly twelve year old, spending hours on the phone getting to know each other, as if we were still in high school, and smiling at random times during the day when I get a sweet text message from him? Well, those are the perks of entering the dating world again, aren't they? Those are the good "warm fuzzy" feelings I missed.

But here's the kicker...I'm actually beginning to really like this guy. On paper, take away all the giddy emotion and the little thing about the age difference, and he serves up a resume of all the characteristics I would want from a man at this point in my life.

I don't know him yet, our first date won't even happen until this coming Sunday, and he's the first guy I've even been remotely interested in in over a year. And yet, I see potential there, and I'm thoroughly enjoying how easily we click.

From a level headed, cautious, fiercely independent point of view, this is just harmless fun, and I'm just going to soak up the attention.

From the other side of me, the side that has been in hiding for far too long now, but has begun to show it's face in the last year or so...I'm throwing caution to the wind and just going with it.

What have I got to lose? And besides, think of all the stories I'll have to share with you.


Anonymous said...

eh hm. no where near a cougar. i see a cougar as someone who HAS kids that have graduated high school and are dating THEIR friends or people THEY went to high school with. you are no where near that. just try and have fun and not analyze it too much. you know what they say, the minute you're not looking for mr right he shoves right into your life. and it happened to me. it could be that this guy, or the next, could be it.. just because you're not looking doesnt mean you can't enjoy yourself.

Lisa said...

Definitely not a cougar. I have friends who have married men several years their junior, and when I find out, they get one cocked eyebrow and a "Well, you certainly did that the smart way, didn't you?" They giggle in response.

Nothing wrong with going out with Mr. Good Time and seeing where it leads. Nothing at all. That's what dating is for.

ChrisB said...

He sounds like a great guy. I'm sure you will have loads of fun getting to know him. We'll look forward to some good reading over the coming weeks ;)

Pamela said...

You can raise him right. (:

Anonymous said...

Hi lady! you have got a nice blog up!!!!i think you can have lots of fun with this guy... as you have been out of this dating business you may feel left out...but remember that self confidence is the first top way to start a dating process...i bet you are gonna have a best life time date with this guy....

Anonymous said...

What a great ego boost!!! Woohoo!!!

Cougar? um - no, I was going to say "Hot Sexy Mama".

But - also be careful, okay?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're getting serious! You might want to find a free personality testing service (I know - technology) and assess your compatibility with your baby boy! Here's a list of sites that might help:

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Hope it works out!!! Have fun either way.

Anonymous said...

According to Cosmo, you are a puma. They recently published an article (one or two issues back?) that officially declares women in their late twenties and in their thirties as pumas. The term Cougar is reserved for women in their forties and fifties.
As far as I am concerned, if Cosmo says it, it must be true...
So rock your Puma staus!
Does anyone know which issue this was published in?