Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cafe Karina - American Idol - And then there were 9

It's results night on American Idol. Tonight, three more contestants make the top Twelve, bringing the total to 9, and then we find out which of the contestants that didn't make the cut will be coming back to battle it out for the wildcard positions.

I'm not Ryan Seacrest, so I am not going to drag this post out for suspense...let's get to it:

First we have the obligatory grup performance, the group does "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry and honestly, there couldn't be a more mismatched group of misfits as this group. I love it.

A video montage of the previous night's performance, a little bit of chit chat with the contestants, and then some results.

Right off the top, Lil Rounds is told she's through to the top 12. Absolutely in agreement with this choice America...good job. She reprises her performance from last night, a quick commercial and...

No time wasted, more results...Arianna is not through. Neither are Taylor or Alex. It is down to Kendall and Scott...and of course it is Scott making it through. Again, America has gotten it right in my opinion.

Another performance by Scott, another commercial and Nathaniel and Kristen are asked to stand up...and are both told they are not going through this time.

Felicia and Von are next up, and with two others still sitting waiting for their results, their fates seems to be spelled out for us...and it is, they are also not through yet.

So, then it is down to Ju'not and Jorge. I'm loving Ju'Not, so I'm rooting for him, even if I do think Jorge is adorable AND talented. Jorge is through and I'm a bit bummed, but holding out for the wildcard for Ju'not.

So, without further ado, it's time for the announcements as to who will be batling for the three wildcard positions...there will be eight contestants coming back to sing tomorrow night, and the judges will be choosing three to make it through. Who will they be?

And before we get started...PLEASE PLEASE not Tatiana!

The first pick is Von Smith (I'm okay with this one, I like this kid). Next up is Jasmine Murray (I like her too). Next is Ricky Braddy (okay). Megan Corkey (love her) is next. Four down, four to go.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. This show is so not about talent, it is so about ratings and drama and...ugh...yes, of course, Tatiana the drama queen has made it through. Of course she has...seriously? I'm so tempted to just shut off my television and stop watching right now, this ver moment...

Deep breath....Matt Giraud, one of my favorites this season, is through.

Jesse Langseth is the next one up.

And one final spot, and who gets it? Anoop Desai. I like this guy, I'm okay with this too.

BUT I AM PISSED that Tatiana makes it through with talent like Ju'Not, Taylor, Felicia and...well, let's be honest, pretty much anyone else on that couch, EVEN including Nick/Norman not making it through?

I'm seriously rethinking this whole Idol watching thing...

That's it, I'm done, I'm too annoyed to write anymore.

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Anonymous said...

I only agreed with like 3 of their picks. and those were like, eh maybe. Anoop was the only one I really agreed with for sure. The redhead, is that Jesse? was okay. and the guy that sang Georgia during hollywood week that royally screwed up. that would be okay. the others I thought sucked or didnt hear enough of them, probably due to baby issues, to know enough about them to care..