Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Today is Earth Day...did you hug a tree?

Tree HUG!!

Photo credit: MartinDurant on Photobucket.


Julia Phillips Smith said...

I didn't hug a tree but I did see two pictures of tree hugging on two blogs.

Beckie said...

That is a good one! That is one thing that I did not do today - hug a tree.

Anonymous said...

no, didn't hug a tree but I did vow to stop using plastic bags and maybe even stop buying bottle water but who knows if I do it

btw: here's a contest that may interest you
nkotb cd giveaway - it ends on April 27

lissa said...

forgot to leave a link where I find the contest -- it's at bloggy giveaway, they have over 700 contest so far