Thursday, April 24, 2008


No Thursday Thirteen today...I'm just not up to coming up with a list of 13 anythings. One would think that with unemployment would come all this free time for blogging and stuff. But one would be wrong. Between the job search, the part time hours I'm putting in at work, and God only knows what else is taking up all my extra hours...I find I have less time than ever to blog or visit my favorite blogs. I've got serious withdrawal here. I have no idea what's going on in the lives of some of my favorite bloggers, and keep thinking I'll have a chance to catch up, but instead I fall farther and farther behind.

I blame it partly on the amazing weather we've been having this week. You see, once I'm done spending some time on the job search, and putting in my part time hours at work, and going to my various meetings with unemployment, or placement agencies, or whatever that particular day's schedule requires...I just want to be outside. I've been going for walks daily with Candid Mama, which is great, healthy and fun. And then, since I'm already at Mom's house, I figure I might as well stay for dinner...and before you know it it is 8 or 9 PM and I've been out all day.

By the time I do make it home, I have no energy left to get on the computer, so I crash on the couch with my mindless television instead.

But I shouldn't complain, really, because mother nature has blessed me with fantastic weather on this forced vacation of mine, so it's really a good thing, right?

So, no Thursday Thirteen today. Just some random thoughts, and I'm heading back to work/job searching/whatever it is I do all day now. ;-)


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Sounds to me like you're using this time *very* wisely. Brava!

We'll all be here when you're ready ;)

Rose said...

I realy think you doing very good and the best part is: you having free dinner every day! It can't get better than that, right?

Beckie said...

I'm glad your having nice weather for you job hunting - it makes it all a bit more cheery. Our weather has been yucky, but I guess that is spring for you.

kitten said...

Just take this time to enjoy! It don't come often.

Rebecca said...

Oh man the weather has been fabulous! I know, I'm in a different end of the country, but it's nice when we can share the good weather!

There's definitely something about Spring that makes people more likely to turn off their computer and go outside - I love it!

Happy Friday!! :)