Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Go ahead, reread that title up there...okay, don't say I didn't warn you.

The weather is downright depressing right now. It is rainy, gloomy and cold. RAW really. Here I sit with a brand new pedicure and my pretty toes are HIDING in fuzzy socks. It's freakin' cold folks.

I had the most fantastic of weekends. Saturday was a BFF sort of day, started the day off going for pedis. with my BFF Double D, she treated as a belated birthday present, and then lunch downtown in an outdoor cafe, because the weather was still gorgeous. Then I headed to mom's to help her with something and hang out for a bit. Some "girl time" with mom, my ultimate BFF. Left there to go to Shopaholic's to help her put together some IKEA bookshelves. Ladies and gents, IKEA "DIY" furniture is NOT user friendly, and I have the big, golf-ball sized bruise on my arm to prove it. But BFF Shopaholic was grateful for my help and treated me to dinner. Then I came home, grabbed my mail and had a very inspirational and beautiful "you will be okay, a better job is just around the corner" card from my BFF "Traveler" (who currently lives in Florida). Seriously, I have some of the best friends in the world.

Sunday was an equally positive day, but in a completely different direction. My uncle was graduating from a class he's been taking to become a "Certified Spiritual Director", and so my brother and I attended the ceremony, at a local church. Then everyone headed over to my uncle's house to celebrate his graduation, as well as "Braniac's" ninth birthday. There was a whole group of us "young adults" (do I still qualify as a young adult? hmmm), folks in our 20's and 30's, sitting around talking "religion and spirituality" for hours. It was different, but very inspiring.

I started off the week feeling positive and full of hope. The weather has managed to beat that down a little bit, but then rainy days always do that to me. It'll pass.

I'm still doing the job search thing, and I'm still not really coming up with any solid leads, but for some reason I'm at peace with it. There's really nothing I can do besides search and apply, and wait...so that's what I'm doing. In the meantime, I'm appreciating and enjoying the time off work, because truth is, I really needed some time off. I've been working nonstop for a really long time, and I think I needed a break. So, I'm trying to take advantage while I can.

HEY, I'm still looking for crazy New Kids On The Block fans to meet up with in NYC on May 16th...I want to share my "Today Show" experience with someone...anyone going to be in town?

Do you Twitter? Because I've decided that it's my new addiction of choice. If you do, you must let me know!

I know my blog has been kind of "blah" lately, but I've got some really fun posts in the works, things will pick up here soon, I promise.

And um...yeah, that's it...what did I say? Random.


Rebecca said...

Sorry about your gloomy and cold weather, Spring can be such a tease sometime!

Have you tried temp agencies?

Your weekend does sound great, well except for the golf ball bruise... and super yays for getting stuff in the mail, that's always a nice surpise! :)

Karina said...

Thanks Frigga! I've tried placement agencies, but I don't want to try temp ones because a temp job would affect my unemployment benefits, and I plan on taking advantage of those while I look for the next "big" job. ;-) I do have some part-time money earning things in the works though. :D

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Once again I hear you on the weather - we're having the same stuff up here in Nova Scotia. I laughed when you were trying to rephrase the 'young adult' group. In my family, we still think of our parents as the adults, then there's us - the kids - and we're all now in our 40's - and then there's the new crop. LOL!

kitten said...

Sounds like you did have a WONDERFUL week end! Congrats to your uncle. Keep your chin up girlie!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I would totally meet you in NYC if I were on the same continent!

And why don't you take a photo of your toesies for us? If they'll come out and play for just a few minutes, that is ;)

qualcosa di bello said...

randomly beautiful, i say! your words spill a surrounding of love in this time...the greatest of treasures for us here! you were in my heart during our travels (lots of candles were lit...D. was afraid i would burn down a church or 2 along the way)

Karina said...

julia, isn't spring the biggest tease? At least the sun is out again today. And yeah, we all (my cousins and I) still think of ourselves as the "kids" too.

Kitten, thanks girl!

Michelle, ooh, good idea, I'll have to take a photo of the toes later! ;-)

QDB, Thank you so much! That means a whole lot to me, and might explain why spiritually, this has been a fabulous time for me. ;-)