Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not talking about it

I need a change of scenery, so today we don't talk about "it" in here. Okay? I want to go back to my carefree days of old, and talk about mindless (or perhaps ever more mindful) matters.

I want to talk about how amazing the first day of sunshine and warmth feels after a cold and dreary winter in New England. Stepping outside to find that you don't need your jacket after all, and you can drive with the windows down, air out the house on a Saturday afternoon and start moving the patio furniture out to your balcony. Leaving work at the end of the day with the sun still high in the sky, and plenty of daylight left to take that walk that invigorates your spirit. OH how I love Spring.

I want to talk about how incredibly fun the aquarium can be, even if you've been there a million times before, because every time you see something new, and the creatures of the oceans are magnificent, and amazing and mesmerizing. And how, when you take your "lil' sis", who is now 15 and a teenager too cool for most things, and at the end of the day she says "I want to live here" with a wide grin on her face, because she loved it THAT much, your heart swells and you know what heaven feels like...just a little bit. And you get all these amazing photos, (some of which I will share in my TT tomorrow).

I want to talk about how great you feel when you find yourself writing poetry every day again. When for years writer's block had set in so comfortably that you thought you might never write again. Now you find yourself able to create magic with words again, and marvel at the things your imagination can invent. And how comforting it is to know you are still "a writer" after all.

I want to talk about the fact that I need to find someone who is willing to get up with me at the crack of dawn on May 16th, in New York City, to go stand with all the other maniacs at the Today Show, so we can watch the first New Kids on the Block concert in over 15 years, and act like kids again. Anyone up for it? Because this crazy "Block-head" wants to go, and needs to find a partner in crime.

I want to talk about how much I've missed visiting all your blogs, and how I'm grateful that even though I haven't been able to give much blog love recently, you all still show up here and offer your support, your friendship and daily "hellos" which brighten up my days considerably. As I'm beginning to not feel as overwhelmed, I'm slowly, but surely, catching up on all your blogs and all that you have been up to, and realizing how much I miss reading up on you.

I want to talk about the FANTASTIC Strawberry Passion martini I had last night at The Firm's farewell dinner. It was like drinking a strawberry dunked in heaven it was so good. Oh yes, and dinner was delicious as well, and despite the "sad" occasion, we had a lovely time and I realized how much I really do appreciate these folks.

And I want to talk about you. What have you been up to? Anything exciting going on? Regale me with your stories.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Rebecca said...

Oooh oh oh! Strawberry Passion Martini? :-0... I don't suppose you have a recipe for us?

And yes, I agree totally about Spring. Well, not that I ever need to move my patio furniture and my car windows are rolled down everytime I drive regardless of the time of year...

But I was actually able to sleep WITHOUT socks and and and take a blanket off my bed!

I love warm weather :)

Oh, and about your "lil sis" I totally understand. I have a niece who's 12 - she wore a tank to the other day and she has cleavage! I couldn't believe it! Then her parents and I immediately started talking about chastity belts ;-0 Ya, she doesn't think I'm nearly as cool as she used to :-0

Beckie said...

All very interesting subjects and I could comment on each and every one, but I am stuck on the Today Show thing. If you go...OMG, you have to like...I don't know...text me from there or something. I watched the Today show when I was a kid and I have always wanted to go! There will be SO many people there that day - it will be crazy...what fun!!

Anonymous said...

I did the Today Show thing a few years ago. It was so much fun! I highly recommend you stay away from that wonderful Dean & DeLuca's (sp?) coffee shop across the way because if you have a teensy weensy pea size bladder like some ppl I know ;o) ... you might find yourself off looking frantically for a restroom about the time Matt and Katie come out to do their segment - and miss the whole stinkin thing! (Of course, I guess it's not Matt and Katie anymore, but you get the drift.) I know you'll have a blast though! I wasn't there on a concert day - just a gardening segment outside.

Pamela said...

you write that beautiful soliloquy
and then asked whats happen in our world.

Well, i forgot my password on a work related web site and requested one be sent... and it was (totally automated I'm sure) and it was

I won't forget that one.
I think I'll blog it.

PS. You sound good

Karina said...

Frigga, I'll have to look that recipe up. And yes, scary stuff about the "lil'" girls growing up, ain't it? Yikes.

Beckie, still working on the Today Show thing, but man, I'd really love to go.

Dory, thanks for the head's up on the Dean N Deluca thing...I wouldn't have thought of that, and then would have suffered miserably! ;-) haha

Pamela, seriously, I laughed so hard at your was the funniest thing I'd heard all week! FISHP00!!!! LOVE IT.